Happy Friday

Thank you so very much for leaving such sweet words on my self-portrait, I really, really appreciate your comments always and love that you liked the cake in progress as well.  
Sorry, I didn’t manage to reply personally to you but you all had me smiling with your sweetness.
I thought I’d share the finished cake with you, it was made for an order for a spaceship crazy 3-year-old boy and inspired by this awesome illustration.  
I have been told the cake was delicious but you know that’s all good to hear from the parents but what I absolutely loved was the look on this sweet little boys face when he saw it…priceless!
Hope you are enjoying your Friday, we have been enjoying the rain outside and hoping it will stop for the weekend festivities.

Hugs and thanks again for making me smile and hello to new friends that are joining along ♥

  • Vic

    Ah, you already know I love this, and it would have taken SO MUCH more skill & patience than scribbling on some paper…! I love that the b'day boy was in awe, that's what birthday cakes should be about.

  • Oh I love it – soooo cute!

  • so gorgeous – great work by you and Vic! I can just imagine the little boy's face!

  • What a fantastic collaboration! So glad it was a hit but then, how could it not be?

  • Fantastic Cake! Look at all that rain water! I'm teaching at school today, we have just been told the boarders have been sent home from school early in case all the roads are flooded they wouldn't be able to get home for the weekend! Happy wet, wet Friday!

  • Cathie, it's really wet here too and my fella has just left for the grampians (maybe 5 1/2 hour drive)- I hope he doesn't float away. Love that bottom photo, could have been taken in my back yard when I was a kid- back in the old days when we had rain regularly!

  • OH My Goodness Cathie, it's utterly wonderful!! Gee you are amazing!xo

  • Thats an awesome looking cake 🙂

  • The cake looks amazing!

    Hope the rain goes aways soon, I'm missing the sun!

    Have an amazing weekend of fun.

  • Lovely pictures, cakes looks gorg. Rain rain go away come back another day….. Dee 😉 x

  • love that aiden has his shoes/soxs still on up to the ankles in a puddle 🙂
    what a great cake – can't imagine how hard it is to get the fondants in just the right colours, and to stick in just the right places (and stay there).
    have a lovely weekend cathie and all your lovely family on your outings !

  • That cake looks AMAZING!!! love the photos – happy friday to you too and wishing you a fun filled (yet relaxing) weekend ;-))

  • Gorgeous! I bet that did make him smile! Hope you have a nice weekend. Crazy amount of rain here!!

  • Hi sweet Cathie, little Aiden is ooooo cute! The cake is adorable, will remember your design. Your self portrait in your precious post is exquisite. I LOVE it.
    Much love for a wonderful weekend, our little nephew was born on Tuesday, Luuc, he is soooo tiny, a true cutie.

  • Another brilliant cake idea. I love it! Wow it must have been raining a lot. We are just getting blown away by howling winds up here.

  • Totally gorgeous, of course, what else from you & your lovely family. I missed the self portrait, was on very slow internet, so will check it out now, love Posie

  • Bec

    its been absolutely freezing down here today!! Hope it clears up for your weekend. Love the look of that cake, such a talented woman you are xx

  • Happy Friday Cathie…the cake is really fun! we are very into space at our place at the moment. Enjoy your weekend with the family x

  • What a darling cake! Hope the rain stops for you too. xoxoxo love and hugs

  • The cake looks wonderful and what a delight to be able to make small children so very very happy on such special occasions.

    Have a wonderful weekend. xxx

  • I DO love the pics of your little charming boy, Cathie!! He looks adorable!!!
    The cake is so special! The prettiest!
    The rain is so hardly knocking on my windows today too! Wish sunny days for you, far away friend, and for us here too!!!

    Kisses!!! Bela.

  • gorgeous cakes, gorgeous photos!

  • You've done sucha great job with this cake – it looks amazing! Hope your weekend is a wonderful one x

  • Hi – what a beautiful cake – my little man would absolutely love it! Thanks for your visit to my little part of the blogosphere and your kind words! Take care, and I'll be visiting again soon!

  • Beautiful cake. Beautiful photos… as always. You bring a smile to my dial!

  • there's some great cake making going on! we didn't get to taste the cakes! but gosh they smelt good ….and it was very tempting with the rasberrys

  • Totally dig the cake, it's super cute! We have been tempted with rain all week. Wish it would just pour over here. In the mood for it and if I can take it away from you even better 🙂

  • Oh Cathie, I'm sure this sweet little bundle of energy was "over the moon" when presented with this work of art…Lovin' the "snappies"…smile on Rosie

  • Oh, Cathie…I've decided to keep a running tally of the number of times I gasp out loud when your blog loads. This is a work of art.

  • Wow, super cake, and I love the self-portrait! I wasn't brave enough to share one, what with being full of cold (and extremely camera-shy…)

  • What an adorable cake! Since I have 2 boys I LOVE collecting ideas! Bo is kinda into rockets & robots as of late 🙂

  • That cake just gets better and better. I hope the young rocket man enjoyed it! 🙂

  • Kat

    Hi Cathie…just wondering if you can answer a question for me. In my last wedding wednesday post there was a pic of some yellow and white cupcakes with icing that looked kind of frilly. I was wondering if you know how to do that or what sort of piping tip it is done with? I want my cupcakes to look like that for my wedding for my mum was going to make them for me she just wasn't sure what sort of piping tip to use. Here is a link to that post if you wanna check out the picture:- http://katcreativeadventures.blogspot.com/2010/10/wedding-wednesday.html

    I am having carnations for my flowers so this icing would match them perfectly! Thanks for your help.