• oh goodness, i adore the combination of frocks + converse + striped legwarmers + cupcakes. enjoy the weekend!

  • My weekend won’t be full of cupcakes and tutu’s – but thanks for sharing yours, these beautiful pics brought a smile to my Friday morning.

  • That is just the best tutu, especially with the leg warmers! We made some stripey ones like that from the arms of my old wool Gap jumper!x

  • those cupcakes look amazing! did you make those? i love how it's friday there already! i haven't even gotten off work for thursday!

  • what a bright and happy post! feeling chirpier already! have a lovely weekend…

  • Gorgeous photos. I hope you have a lovely weekend too Cathie. x

  • ARE THEY legwarmers i spot? pink< stripey ones< at that? they are fantastic, as are all your photos, as usual!!
    Happy weekend, it signifies the start of school hols for us- yey!

  • glorious tutu. equally glorious cupcakes!

  • Lovely colours – those cupcakes look great 🙂

  • its in technicolor! Bright, cute, yummy cupcakes and great pics. Happy Friday to you too!

  • Got so excited I forgot to leave a comment ♥ so beautiful Cathie…. magicalxx

  • thanks cathie – hope yours is a lovely weekend also. School holidays start 2 hours from now and hubby is taking them off also, so I feel like quite an extended weekend is on its way! I'm sure cupcakes and tutus will be involved somehow…..

  • Okay….now I might have to start hating you 🙂 …I mean you are too perfect :)! I adore you & your style is sooooo fun & cool! These are some of the cutest pics ever Cathie! Those little legs!!! the cupcakes!!! The legwarmers!!!! Totally fab…Hope you weekend is just that wonderful!

  • Oh…those photos they are just the BEST!!!

  • yep- the sure will be! love the tutu photo.

  • Sooooo cute..i think i would feel so happy in a tutu like that….please send over a doz of those cupcakes for my Friday tea. xoxoxo

  • Adorable. Little girl heaven! (and Mummy heaven too!) Why on earth do they have to grow up? :o)

  • So adorable. You are just way too sweet my darling friend, a billion thanks for your good wishes. This is why I love your blog, only you can mix cupcakes and tutus and come up with an adorable post like this.

    Loads of hugs (I am throwing in some extra ones for you today) and lots of love

  • Ahh, Catie, those are the perfect ingredients for a sweet sweet weekend. Love the bright colors on top of your gorgeous cupcakes!
    Sending many hugs your way for a lovely Friday evening and a great WEEKEND! xx and more xx

  • Oh! That's what I wanted to bake – cupcakes!
    Have a nice weekend!

  • What a beautiful sight… colour, colour and more colour… tutus and frosting that looks magical. Just what I needed to see on my early morning friday. Wishing you a weekend filled with sweetness,

  • Love the Pettiskirt – have a great weekend.

  • Gorgeous photos! I want a tutu, yes I do!!!

  • My Friday was filled with IKEA and lunch with MJ. She's past the tutu stage but never the cupcakes. Fortunately we have 'Rowies' nearby http://www.rowiescakes.com.au/… where her cupcakes are as gorgeous as yours 😉 Have a wonderful weekend Cathie. xo

  • how could one be anything but happy looking at these gorgeous images! TFS. Oh and your cupcake post above most definitely Tres chic!

  • what a gorgeous roll of photos.

  • Sooo gorgeous!

  • What sweet sweet idea, Cathie. I couldn't comment on your newest post but on this post it does work. Wishing you a fabulous vacation. I read two weeks, we are always celebrating a 6 weeks holiday… One more week to go and then we are off to vacation.
    Your little girl looks so so cute!
    Hugs for a wonderful vacation! xx