Happy Friday ♥

Hope you are having a beautiful Friday lovely friends.

I was awaken by the apple fairies this morning, they had been hard at work wrapping up some beautiful fairytale apples they just picked from the tree.

Yum, these definitely will not be used to bake anything, they are delicious and perfect just the way they are.
Thank you fairies

Enjoy your Friday friends, I will, kiddies are off to visit their nanny with their dad…ohhh I could literally hear a pin drop just now.

  • Yummm those look magical…:) Remind me again what a pinvdrop sounds like…haha

  • Yumm – you have lovely fairies. Enjoy

  • So very, very pretty! Although… on Masterchef the professionals last night they made Apple Charlotte which looked mighty tasty. Can you spare a couple to make into a pudding perhaps? Enjoy your silence – isn't it blissful x

  • Happy Friday to u too!

  • Such yummy looking apples those fairies left!

    How funny that you are already enjoying your Friday and I am just getting ready to crawl into bed and end my Thursday! 🙂

    I hope my tomorrow Friday morning starts out as well as your today Friday morning…!!!

    Warm thoughts,

  • Your images are so so lovely….I could just take a big crunchie bite right now. xoxoxo

  • Im a new follower, I love this blog.I just bought apples last night, yum,looking to have one soon.~~Becky

  • Pam

    Mmmmm. There's just something so wonderfully "homespun & comfy" about looking at pics of apples, don't you think? If'n you understand what I mean? :)) Maybe I'm a tad odd?

  • Enjoy those sweet and magical apples Cathie! I hope you have had a Happy Friday!xo

  • Freshly picked apples, how perfect, can you send the faeries over this way when they are done.

  • Ooh delicious! I want your lovely apple fairies at my house 🙂

  • I find it hard to find apples that tasted as great as they did in my childhood but those look absolutely delicious xx