Happy Friday ♥

We visited Scienceworks yesterday with my sis and a lovely old friend and the kids absolutely LOVED it.
If you are stuck for kids holiday entertainment in Melbourne, give it a go.
Good place for us biggies as well 🙂

Have a fabulous Friday & come back on the weekend, maybe I’ll bake something for you ♥

  • Scienceworks is another favourite hang out of ours too!

  • Thanks Cathie, goodness knows that I can use some school holiday inspiration

  • Yep Scienceworks is awesome! I'm doing some baking for my garden party tomorrow: soy sausage rolls and scones! Yay for baking!

  • Oh we have something similar in Perth, called Scitech. I'd love to go there but I'm at a loss as to who would want to join me! 😛

    Guess I'll just have to wait till I have kids of my own.

  • We always went to the Science centre at Singapore before we moved back to Malaysia, now we are like foreigner in our own country..doesn't know where to go on weekend.
    It's good for kids with so many wonder..
    Have a very nice weekend too!

  • Oh I adore our Science World here in Vancouver…always makes for a great day no matter what your age. Happy weekend.

  • Vic

    Oh! It IS friday!!! Thanks for the reminder…! 😉

    You're a big tease with your baking promises m'lady…!

  • Scienceworks is cool – we haven't been for a while. Mmmmm virtual baked goods! ;o) Nic

  • Is that like Questacon?? I'm a science geek & seem to have passed it onto my children too. They spent forever in the H2O exhibit at the National Gallery, such an easy thing to do & so exciting to watch what they are interested in. Love Posie

  • Always great fun… I missed the Star Wars exhibit they had not so long ago. Hubby took our two boys who are huge fans. Did your kids like the brick building area? It's always our favourite.

  • your blog is so cute! and i love all your photos. you've definitely got a new follower! 🙂

  • it sounds fun! love the photo.
    im on my way to go visit your sis.
    uhem… did you say, bake? ; )

  • how fun! hope you checked out the planetarium too thats always really cool!

  • this blog is nourishment for the soul…you have created a lovely space here. happy friday to you even though it is now sunday 🙂
    %*_*% rosey

  • sounds like a lot of fun.
    i do hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    one love.