Happy Friday

Last day of school holidays, it’s a beautiful winter’s day, we are drawing, painting and baking.

Hope you are having a fabulous day, I am going to have a cup of tea and continue the baking for a hoot cake for a little one year old girl.

Pop round to Brenda’s for some birthday giveaways and wish her a happy birthday too

also Happy birthday Beky!

  • hoooly dooly that cake looks drool-worthy! Yes, happy Friday indeed….I've just started day 1 of a 4 days giveaway bonanza – be sure to pop past. much love xx

  • Yum that cake looks so good. My kids still have another week off school (3 weeks in total) I hope I can last another week. The sun is so beautiful in Melbourne today isn't it xo

  • Funny, I wanted to bake with the kids today too, I had a recipe ready and all. Put it to them this morning, with the 'bribe' of being able to take their fresh made cookies for morning tea on the planned bike ride.

    Got a 'no thanks mum' from both, then a 'lets take apart the pasta maker' from the youngest and 'can I do a science experiment?' from the eldest.

    I am sooooo not a science gal, or a take-it-apart-and-see-how-it-works gal, baking is my thing. I just had to have a secret laugh and sigh with the hubby, then dismantling and a-sciencing we went.

    Both boys are well aware there are plenty of other goodies in the freezer for their morning tea picnic.

    Sigh…..and laugh

  • Wow that cake is amazing!!!

  • looks yummy cathie!!! x

  • Isn't it just the loveliest day? The fog this morning was fun for the kids (and me) and now the sunshine! We have spent it at Heide and then a quick visit to the zoo (madhouse!) .. now home.
    You have me drooling, it's quite unseemly.

  • Glad you have some lovely winter weather for your last day of holidays. It's still freezing in Sydney. I really should put the oven on and bake something to keep us warm inside and out!

  • Meant to add – I like your little heart icon – you've probably had it for ages and I've just noticed – but it's very sweet and very you!

  • We have been painting and baking today too, it just must be the day for it 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend.

  • ooohhh made to make you mouth water ;-)) have a lovely day, dee x

  • oh that cake is so nice. baking is something i like to do when i'm stressed. i find mixing and measuring and cracking eggs strangely therapeutic. hope you're enjoying fresh cake! x

  • Oh boy, how good does that cake look? It would have been perfect for morning tea this morning.
    Am loving your little photo collage in your sidebar 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  • I always feel like making a cake after visiting you Cathie! Looks so gorgeous and yummy!XX

  • Very droolworthy cake! Yum

  • Mmmmmm… cake….

    Hope you enjoyed (survived?) the holidays. We scraped through here. And hey – I think there's a jacket of yours at my studio!

  • Love that picture! Hope you are great xxx Rach

  • Happy cake, more like it! x

  • What a lovely image, dear Cathie!!
    I wish your baking day is wonderful!!
    Love, Bela

  • Oh that cake looks delicious! I could devour that in no time ;o) xo

  • Hope you are enjoying every second of the holiday! I hate the "first day back" I am too selfish & don't like getting up or having my baby leave me 🙂

    YUMMY looking cake! & just tempting me like that the day I decide I better start behaving 🙂

  • Popped in for some mouse star action and now I am firing up the oven to bake your pear muffins. Scrumptious! gxo

  • How was the first day back in school, sweet Cathie. And how was it for you? Lots of love for the new week my friend.
    We are painting, drawing, baking and knitting too this Summer holiday o xx o

  • That cake would surely make a "happy friday"! Hope you had a great weekend, Cathie!