Happy List

Sometimes things around us just don’t play by our rules, maybe it’s the weather, our jobs, our kids, our friends or just something that isn’t going right.
I have had a 3-year-old rule my life the last few weeks with horrible screams and tantrums and as much as I have wanted to hide from him, I, of course, couldn’t.

So instead of giving into him, I am enjoying the things around me that make me happy.

fresh lettuce and tomato sandwiches


lentils and rice for dinner
with fresh carrots


chickens pecking away in the wet, wet grass
eating carrots in the tyre swing



making fruit mince tart mixture for the market on Saturday



Do you have a happy list?
Hope you have a happy day wherever you are ♥
  • My happy list today was my sisters and mum helping me put my house back together after my little reno, and knowing that I have very delicious red velvet cupcakes in the fridge. I'm having one for dessert tonight, and I'm saving two for tomorrow morning so that I can have morning tea with my big sis. ThankYOU so much!

  • C U at the market on Saturday Cathie :))))

  • Sounds like you are making others happy again Cathie, with your delicious cupcakes!
    Sending you virtual cupcakes and hugs tonight!XX

  • The badges, love love the badges. Your sweet peas are gorgeous too! Have a lovely evening, my friend xxx

  • loving all that basil in the back ground too… time for yummy yummy pesto me thinks – pesto always makes me happy.

  • Cathie, your list is simple and adorable! Your prince is cute!!! I do not have a happy list, but a wish list!! Wish I could cook just a bit like YOU!!! Love!! Bela

  • Your pictures always make me happy, they are so beautiful and my girls finishing school which means more time playing and relaxing. I'm glad you've got lots of things in your life to make you happy today:) Happy Friday sweet lady.xo

  • Your garden looks SO verdant – how on earth do you get your basil to grow like that? Oh that's right, it's been pouring rain and hot in Melb! I'm happy that I have a batch of fruit mince in the fridge that my mother in law brought all the way from Melb (I'm surprised she got it past the sniffer dog at the airport!). Yours looks delish with the flaked almonds through it. Yummo. I must add that I'm happy that we don't have a 3 y o in the house (at the moment anyway!). It was such a tricky year for us when Doots was 3 – oh my.

  • GOrgeous Cathie.
    You always make me smile, and so does that beautiful chook!xo

  • magical photos. i love lentils, whenever i don't know what to make lentils always appear on the table. xo.

  • You are so right, today I probably need my happy list too…Such a great exercice.
    Your pretty pictures allways make me smile too, enjoy the little things (and perhaps gets some little ear plugs:)x

  • Lovely post, Cathie. Glad the happy moments shine through the terrible-3's ( I swear the terrible 2's are a myth…. 3 is much worse!!).

  • Wonderful idea cathie !
    Go to a Happy Place ringing in my head, that would be the garden for me too. Your place looks so productive, wholesome, such a diversion from the chaos little people are generating.
    P.S. you gingerbread cake is amazing – bet kindie class is chuffed to have a cake making mum on-board !

  • Jen

    oh how lovely! are those amazing carrots from your garden? how divine. I cooked with red lentils today too. They are so comforting and nourishing aren't they. Glad you're in your happy place. Jenxxx

  • Ahhh…I think I should make one soon! Otherwise…I might go a little nuts 🙂 LOVE those colorful pics! Especially eating carrots in the tire swing!!! LOVE IT!!! Made me happy too!

  • I don't have a "happy list" yet, but you've inspired me to work on one! Now, about the Melbourne weather…please make the rain go away. We are having heaps of it here in Vancouver, so it would be nice not to see it when we arrive in Melbourne on the 22nd 😉 I guess Victoria can use the rain, so I'll stop being selfish!

  • Aww Cathie thats a great way to look at things ;-))) Nice and positive, im to tired tonight to think about a happy list, but im happy that i read your post ;-)) Take care and enjoy all the beauty around you. Dee x

  • Its so lovely to hear someone smile through their blog 🙂

  • Beautiful photos Cathie – they make me happy…..and Christmas makes me very happy….and market tomorrow and being tempted by your goodies make me happy.
    See you tomorrow, Dee x

  • Thank you Cathie for reminding me to focus on the "happy" … i needed that today 🙂

  • I hear yah, with the demanding toddler. Mr.Finn pushes all the boundries lately. Testing my patience for sure. but it won't last forever. Just another phase in growing up ( :
    I've got a market in the city on sat so I won't see you. But hopefully M.I.L and kizzy will pop down for a visit.
    Save me a gingerbread man and have a fabulous day.
    Jay xx

  • I adore each and every thing on your happy list Ms Cathie!
    Funny how someone else's list can make you feel happy too.
    I hope both of our three year old's behave and allow us to have wonderful HAPPY weekends.
    So much love to you. XX

  • thats the spirit, when it seems unbearable eat more fresh happy vego foods! ( and the odd glass of south island)

  • I agree with Nikki- 3 is hard! I feel like we are coming to the end I have noticed a new Busy emerging as she gets closer to 4. A sheer delight.

  • Lovely list 🙂

  • oh i hate the tantrumy days. i should start a happy list.

  • Lovely List

  • Beautiful, scrumptious pictures. I think you can also be happy that you haven't given totally either. Yay for the happy game. Cherrie

  • Ahhhhhhh my little chickadee you do it to me almost every time. Your words, your photo's that bring a little lump in my throat and make me practice my new found how not to cry technique … you're a sweetheart, yes you are♥

  • What a lot of wonderful happy!

  • A beautiful list, your photos are always a joy to look at <3

  • thank you for a beautiful happy list! hope you are having a lovely day today (wish I could come see you at the market again, maybe next time…)

  • Beautiful beautiful beautiful…Life never goes quite exactly how we have planned especially with a 3yr old..Aghhh…But it looks like the goods have more then out weighed the bads for you…

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  • At work I am surrounded by three year olds and tantrums and when I get to the point where I feel like throwing a tantrum myself I just take a deep breathe and realise that all they want is love, and I am in a position to give it to them. Then that becomes my happy place. Beautiful photos as always Cathie- looking at those is like a lung full of fresh air.

  • i'll be doing that recipe – what a great recipe. I also know how you mean with your 3 – although it is my 4 that gives me the heebies. I have two quotes on my mirror. rousseau both. one about 'let your no be a wall of brass that your child may exhuast himslef agains 6 or 7 times and then try no more' and the other 'the quickest way to make your child unhappy is to give him what he wants' (both misquoted here I am sure) Writing on my bath room mirror saves me!

  • Cathie your happy list is lovely, such a wonderful thing to keep in mind.

    Hope you have had a lovely weekend and that your new week will be filled with sunshine and Joy my friend. xxx

  • What a great post. How amazing is your red carrot. And your lentils. And the mixture for your mince tarts… These are my favourite thing about Christmas. I ate loads of those with full cream milk before Gus was born (I wonder why he was a Christmas Day baby)… Hang in there with your little one. I know the feeling though, some days you wonder "who are you? and how did I create you"… It's all this hard work you're doing now that will make them who they are and that will be a lovely, caring person. P.S. And look at that cute painting!! So cute. Pruxxx

  • I've missed your postings during my little sabbatical—this one made my week, Cathie. On my list today? Penicillin! Red lentils. Sticky fingered toddlers. Macaroni and cheese. Snow. Not having to go out in the snow.

  • Cat

    Totally NOT the type of post that should make me cry but I am. I've had that type of few weeks too and I'm exhausted. Thanks for your list Cathie. xxx

  • so love your list – love the pictures and especially love that darling drawing! gorgeous and so uplifting. thanks. naomi x

  • love love the badges. hello, my dear friend.

  • your lovely list made me want to go out and get my hands dirty. great photos gorgeous edible garden. very happy

  • Just wonderful!

  • I've never seen magenta carrots. Is it a sort of carrots or another vegetable?