• Hope your weekend is fine…Thanksgiving here in Canada but I'm actually going to have curry chicken instead of the usual turkey dinner.

  • Daisies are my all time favourite flowers!
    Still Friday here; hope you have nice time at the market.

  • Visiting a market is such a nice change from being a stall holder – hope you have a great time…
    I hope we are off to the Olliebollen festival today!

  • have a beautiful weekend! we are off for a walk with a lovely friend for waffles and coffee. enjoy the market! xx

  • Friday here for a few hours yet. Emjoy your lovely saturday, look forward to seeing your delights ;-)) Dee x

  • I just love all your photos! You are so inspiring!!

  • I didn't do a grateful list , rather a happiness stocktake over at my place.
    Have a great market and a great day Cathie! xx

  • Cathie enjoy your trip to the market, a perfect way to start the weekend. Your daisy picture is lovely.

    Happy weekend! xxx

  • Happy Saturday to you! What a gorgeous picture! x

  • Still friday here,wishing you a very nice weekend Cathie!

  • Beautiful love this pretty picture so much!

  • Happy weekend right back at ya!
    gorgeous pic

  • Pam

    Thanks for that Cathie. I'm doing a bit of each of all those, pretty much. Enjoy your whole weekend.
    Hugs xx

    p.s. not to worry…..I am also over 5 and don't own an iphone! ;o))

  • 5 kids, 2 dogs and a huge house and yard to swan around in this weekend. They all look after each other so that leaves me……free(ish)!

    Have a lovely weekend and a fun time at the market!

  • bless you and yours cath xo

  • HI Cathie, hope your weather is as lovely as it is here- all blue sky and sunshine- very good 'drying weather', which is helpful because my washing machine is whirring! I am having alone time, family and extended family time. It's been a sad week and it's those times you remember that people are important. thanks for the bit of sunshine you often add to our, and my day with your lovely words and amazing photos x Tan

  • Such a pretty picture! Happy weekend to you too Cathie! It is Thanksgiving here in Canada ~ turkey and pumpkin pie! 🙂

    xo Catherine

  • It's a pretty low key weekend actually, it's catching up on things weekend which is fabulous… enjoy yours xxx

  • It was so nice to meet you Cathie! Yay!

  • I hope the market was fun.
    Wish I could have gone.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. X

  • Hope you have a marvelous time. Thank you, thank you for this wonderful image. It sets me dreaming.

  • Enjoy your weekend and take some me time! I crave some – have to work this weekend, but since the un was shining, even that was nice!l