• Cute pics! Hope your weekend was great!

  • I still have a few hours of Sunday left before I start my Monday off! 🙂 I imagine your banana bread is going to be yummy. Hope you have a wonderful week as well Cathie!

  • I cant believe that you have never made banana bread – you will LOVE it. I now make one with choc chips and I will not be going back to the original in a hurry.
    Have a great week.

  • Love your photos. Have a great week and happy March!

  • hmmm, banana bread/cake is a favourite around here.
    Happy week and month to you too Cathie!

  • That is a very cool truck…

    very cool.

  • I hope you have the most wonderful, inspirational and fun month of March Miss Cathie! XX

  • Oooh yum…Enjoy your banana bread, I swirl melted chocolate chips in mine…:)

    Hope you have a wonderful March!

  • Banana bread is always a winner. Thanks so much for recomending the Preston market shop, it was so hidden away I had not noticed it before but went in and found absolutely everything I wanted for soooooooo much cheaper than anywhere else too.
    You are a legend.

    p.s you should do a workshop on how to make the perfect cupcake because mine are very often inconsistent and yours Amazing. x

  • hi.. just dropping by here… have a nice day! http://kantahanan.blogspot.com/

  • how did the banana bread turn out? And did you want me to make you a pair of black chenille pants? We can take turns at feeling each others chenilles at the next market! hahahah!!

  • what a lovely photo~ sigh, so cute.
    banana bread? love, love it!