• Nat

    That's a beautiful picture Cathie…as all your work usually is !

    I guess 'good' is an understatement when it is what I spend all week looking forward to :), my 3 year old, as little as she is, knows exactly what saturday morning means…it means breakfast with daddy, etc etc etc etc :)… Happy weekend to you too !

  • how pretty! love how intense the red is 🙂

    saturdays with daddy sounds good! did daddy cook them breakfast? 😉 its sunny weather today in melbourne! perfect for a family outing 😀


  • I love reading your blog Cathie.
    Saturday with Daddy happens EVERY weekend for Cooper as I am in the shop…Some bonding time for the 2 of them + I Lurve it too.

  • Lovely pic! My little one loves "mum and dad days" (the weekend) – so cute!

  • Goegeous photo Cathie. We had a great market, a lovely little party and are all looking forward to a quiet day all together tomorrow.

  • What a cute quote Cathie. I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine together today. xxx

  • Daddy is home on the weekend for us and time to get daddy to do some much neded work around the house!!Love your pic and have fun!

  • Lyn

    gorgeous picture cathie 🙂 looks like your weekend was a lovely one 🙂 🙂
    and thank you so much for the advice you've left over on my blog. i'm combining all tips to rid my pesky cough away!