• Adorable adorable images…happy weekend my friend. xoxo

  • Beautiful!!

  • "I'll be back" ^^

  • adorable. absolutely adorable.

  • Very cute 🙂

  • Your children are so sweet- I would love to squeeze your little boys cheeks!!!

  • How adorable, your double As are so delightful. Love Posie

  • Kat

    those pics are so cute! I will be moving this weekend so hopefully I will get a minute to stop and enjoy the new adventure I am starting. I'll definately be back to see what your frame turns into.

  • Cat

    They are adorable! I hope you enjoy your weekend just that little bit more than usual too. xo

  • That is a couple of super cute cuties in some super cute photos 🙂 x

  • I think I like how you've used the frame already! Very, very sweet photos.

  • Gorgeous photos! These shots look like timeless treasures! I'd make prints and frame them!!!

  • beautiful pictures!!

  • ohmigosh…your children are adorable! and i am loving the frame pictures…

  • It's beautiful. Will be back to see the transformation.
    Thank you Cathie for your visit to mywritings-ariel.

  • the best way to use those big ole' frames…relish the black and white…such expression!

  • These photos are adorable and they make me smile! 🙂 Can't wait to see what you did with the frames!

  • Such cute wee girls in a big frame. I will be back to see what you did with the frame!

  • awww cathie,ur children are so so adorable! have a lovely weekend with them =)

    P.S. will definitely check back!

  • I love how you used the frame. Adorable!

  • Love the photos Cathie:) They look like they having a fun time. I'll be back to see what you've been up to. I hope you are having a good weekend too.:)

  • Cathie, your little one's are soooo precious ! and such natural little models..giving you such gorgeous shots everytime. Cathie, have you heard of Katie Brown's workshop here on PBS ? Well…you're so talented…and such an all rounder, i really think your work would transform into an AMAZING baking/crafting show…with the added bonus that you and you're family are so beautiful :)…
    PS :Thank you so much for stopping by my place and the sweeet comment…I was ALL smiles :)…hope you guys have a wonderful relaxing weekend… ~

  • OH these pics are absolutely adorable!!!! What precious sweetie pies…I will be popping back in for sure 🙂

  • gorgeous shots here! they melt me.

  • i have happily discovered your amazing blog today… your children are adorable..hope you had a great weekend..x pam

  • Just ADORABLE!

  • beautiful kids

  • Ah, what cutie pies.
    I like finding other Aussie bloggers. 🙂

  • darling cherubs!

  • Gorgeous pics! Your kids are such cutie pies!