hello june, hello winter

I love this time of year,
I love the rain,
I love the cold,
I love children splashing in puddles,
I love hot cups of soy chai,
I love comfort foods,
I love apple crumble,
I love hot chocolate,
I love my warm bed,
I love my hot water bottle,
I love wearing my boots,
I love winter coats
I love squishy cuddles

I wonder if you love it too, have a great month friends

p.s don’t forget to leave me a hello here if you’d like me to make you a brooch

  • Me too! Love it all…embrace the winter months!

  • YOu know i love the rain too… reminds me of when i was little! xx

  • I love being able to snuggle up in bed when its raining outside. But I dont love always having cold feet in winter…

  • I'm not usually a winter lover but this year for the first time I am not sad about winter being here. This year for the first time I am going to appreciate these slower, calmer months and all that they bring with them. X Except the zip just went on my Camper boots and now my runners are wet and I'm not happy.

  • Soy chai! And vegan gingerbread! Mmmm. And vegan chocolate pudding 😀

  • Kat

    Great minds think a like….I just posted about my love of winter too! I love the cold, cosying up with a blanket eating soup, chai lattes, warm scarves, wearing boots….oh the list goes on and on…

  • Autumn is my favourite… but Winter is second I think! All I need is some gumboots now, to be truly able to embrace the puddles!

  • I love your list of favourite things you love about winter. One of my favourite things about winter is wearing my jeans and feeling all cosy and warm. xo

  • I love your blog! Enjoy winter time, Cathie. Sending many warm winter wishes your way! xx

  • I think of all the cities i've lived in, i like Canberra Winter the most, it's not wet & sludgy, it's sunshine & blue skies, just you know, below zero!! Even blue skies when it snows!! Glorious!! So easy to rug up & look glam, happy Winter to you too Cathie, love Posie

  • OH You make me get excited about winter with this gorgeous post. I do love all the snuggles, electric blankets and ugg boots that go with it.And walking in the rain ( when you've got an umbrella) I like too. I love apple crumble too!! Sometimes I like to heat it up and put a little milk on it. SOrry about my random comment xo

  • Cat

    I LOVE the snuggley stuff that comes with winter but I am a little nervous of enduring my first one with a very active toddler! xoxo

  • Oh I do love Winter and all the cozy in up it brings…hugs my sweet friend…we are waiting for Summer..will it ever come? Our weather has been terrible indeed. xoxoxox

  • I love your blog!

  • love you list…esp. the soy chai. 😉
    it's the beginning of summer here…so strange thinking it's winter where you are.

    Thinking of you.

  • winter is lovely when you are warm – i love our ducted heating! i have a friend who loved winter so much he named his first child 'winter' – i kid you not.

  • Happy Winter to you – as I sit here sneezing:) Please exuse the pile of kneenex:)

    I am going to have a buys month – have spent the last few knitting things for a community project and my family are COLD – it is actually cooler here than what everyone made out and I was not ready for the winter this year.

  • I LOVE all your LOVES xx

  • You make it sounds so much more romantic than I am feeling about it this year. I'll try and be a little more gracious this weekend. First weekend I will have had for a while to scratch myself, or at least my garden. Oooh, thinking a trip to Sydney's Everleigh markets might be on the agenda if the weather holds out.

  • ahh you're all mad! bring on summer!! :o)

    ~ Samone the sun-bunny x

  • Love the winter, especially in the midst of our hot, humid summer! You're going to be mighty sick of making brooches, Cathie…:)

  • I love winter too. I had my first hot chocolate of the season yesterday and it was divine! x

  • Me too! It does get cold at night here in Ipswich and we LOVE having the fire burning, drinking our cups of tea and wondering if the dog will ever singe her nose she gets so close to the fire place!

  • Hi Cathie, although its cold I still love this time of year, I make the most of my slippers and old gas heater.

  • Mmmm. Winter is good!

  • Mel

    Wow Cathie I LOVE your beautiful lantern there and I LOVE your photography. And all those other things you listed too. Yeah, winter rocks I reckon 😉

  • i love all of the things you do but i must say… it is june here in seattle which means we have had quite enough rain for awhile… however, it continues so it is not too welcome here right now… i pray for sunshine soon… thank you for your sweet comment… xo

  • what a lovely image,
    and your post invokes all those nesting qualities we woman possess.After spending time in the crisp outdoors, I just want a good book, a hot cuppa and to snuggle in a comffy chair by the fire…Check, check, check all the way down your list…
    smile on Rosie

  • You are right Cathie…this time of year is perfect for cuddles and puddles and I do love winter! You can always get warmer…however, I am such a sook when it is below 0, with only a fire place at our house to heat our home it can take a while to be warm and comfortable and being in my 40's this is starting to make me very very grumpy. Brrrrrr!
    I obviously need to stock pile ski socks and make some blanket suits!!!

  • So funny to think you're heading to winter, since it's soon supposed to be summer here. I say "Supposed" cause iT's been raingn ALL may – and i NEED the sun for some months, to be able to enjoy winter!

  • Different sides of the world, here our summer is just starting. I enjoy winter too though, when you hve kids, all seasons are good.

  • Winter is such a comfort season! wrapped in a soft and cozy sweater! ummmm…can hardly wait now!

  • It is so hard to imagine June being cold when we are just peeling off our coats & jumping into pools! It is just so weird to me to even imagine! But I do love a good cup of Chai when autum & winter come! Love your candle to give that cozy feeling! It totally does!

  • I love all those winter things too…. seasons are the best…. love all of them!!!
    Happy winter to YOU!!!

  • i think i need to write winter an "i love you", we are not so friendly.

  • I do love it, too. Although I don't usually think about it much in June. I love reading your blog from the other side of the world. Our opposite seasons really help me to appreciate them more.

    I am wondering if you would ever consider sharing your recipe for apple crumble? Sounds terrific.

  • Most of all I love Spring! It's like the morning of the year. It's a Hope. It's getting warmer, sunnier, more greens and flowers.
    I like winter, if it's mild. This year we've had a terrific winter with frosts up to -30, a plenty of snow and little sun.
    And now we're having summer 🙂