Here’s to a fabulous 2010!

I’d like to sit down and reflect on the year that was but honestly, it was such a painful and heartbreaking year for my family that I am glad to see it go.

I wish you all the very best for the new year, with love, laughter, hugs and good memories.

Remember to hug your loved ones really tight when you get the urge to, because everyone needs a good hug every so often.

Love from me to you my friends.

  • Vic

    Oh darling… you've made me a little teary this morning but that is okay you know, because everybody needs a little (or big!) cry sometimes, just as much as they need those hugs.

    2010 will be amazing my Sweet. You just wait & see. You deserve it & so it shall be.

    More hugs to you & yours, and the biggest & best wishes, thoughts & happiness for the new year.


  • Cathie, I hope that this year is full of many new and exciting things, wonderfully happy children, lots of hugs and kisses, delicious baking, too much laughing, coffees with friends and fancy sewing projects…. all new and lovely memories. And time to remember things and people, with hopefully less tears and more smiles. xxxxx

  • Happy new year to you Cathie. Here's hoping this year is a much happier one for you 🙂

    Selina xx

  • I have a good feeling about 2010 so here is to creating new and happy memories this year for us all…

  • sweetie, i send you lots of hugs!
    happy new year!

  • Cathie – I really hope 2010 is far, far better than you can imagine – a bizzillion times better than 2009 must have been. Nic xx

  • you know what I love about your blog… how when I move my mouse little stars follow – I always have a little play with it… ahem…but any way down to business… yes I hope 2010 is better for you lovey… when the year clicks over there is that feeling of new beginnnings… may your year be filled with cake and love! xx

  • Happy New Year Cathie! May 2010 bring happiness, love and laughter to your family x

  • Happy New Year to you and your lovely family Cathie. I wish for you that 2010 brings with it many special times with those you love and wonderful memories for years to come. xo

  • I know what you mean; we do have years that make you wonder why and how.Best wishes for 2010.

  • Lovely Cathie, may your new year be filled with smiles, hugs and happiness.

    Liesl x

  • Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2010 – may it be filled with giggles, good health and great moments.

  • (((hugs))) Happy New Year!!! I can't wait to see what you have in store for blogland this year!

  • Wishing you and your gorgeous family a happy, happy 2010. So much love and kisses. XX

  • Oh, dear Cathie, I'm sorry that this was such a hard year for you and your family. I'm sending you big hugs and wishes for much healing and joy in the coming year. I'm so glad I found your beautiful blog this past year!

    xoxo Gigi

  • I honestly hope this year is a better one for you.

  • Oh, much love to you too Cathie!!
    2009 was lousy so the only way is up
    xx Alisa