• that first picture is very sweet indeed….enjoy your sunday night cathie. x

  • They are gorgeous even when they are cross, your two are.
    I hope you have a happy week Miss Cathie.

  • Love it! Great photos!

  • LOL you cruel mother. 😉 Lv Bek

  • TK

    TOTALLY & UTTERLY priceless – again you have just captured 'it"…that magical thing…great pics!!

  • oh those faces!
    so sweet!

  • hehe, I thought it was just me that gets that kind of reaction while taking pictures of my children.

  • Oh, they always let you know when they've had enough, don't they?

  • my feeling exactly! hope you had a beautiful sunday xx

  • Haha, I love that!! Beautiful pictures Cathie xx

  • That top one will be great for their 21st birthday parties!

  • Oh I just love them! Have a wonderful week sweet lady. xo

  • So funny but cute!!:)
    Happy 10.10.10 too, I did not even realised!xx

  • Classic. Frame them together.

  • Ha,ha! Classic!

  • Bec

    hahaha very funny! Love seeing 'the other side' in photos.

  • So cute Cath, it's funny no matter how good the camera and how fantastic the photographer, if you don't have a willing subject it's all down hill.
    I love that you captured this side of things too. ( :
    P.s can't believe we missed each other again on Sat…!

  • I have three kids and there was always one not looking the right way or not wanting to smile or whatever and … it doesn't get any better once they grow older, believe me! I've given up by now, try to snap a picture of them here and there and those are the best after all, no posing anymore in this house!
    Bye, have a great new week!

  • haha ! – ungrateful sprouts – how quickly they forget beautiful biccies and cupcakes made for them – oh well can't win them all.

  • Ouch. Maybe you should hang on to that one. They can use that in the "bad mother" legal appeal. Hmmmm … kids!

  • LOVE the cranky faces!!!! Great capture.

  • know it too well

  • Such cuties :o)
    Smiling about your commentary ~ so very true!
    It's all about the candid shots ~ Although sometimes they really do love to smile for the camera!
    Have a wonderful start to this week ahead ~
    *Blessings each day*

  • i love it!!!

  • but mummy just wants to take one more shot xx

  • Isn't that the truth! I get the same thing! We just got back from a little vacation in the most gorgeous deep woods & this year I didn't even care if they all smiled…I knew they would win 🙂 Yours are too cute though 🙂

  • Great photos, especially the first one! 🙂

  • I've put it out there and am ready and waiting for some to put their big boot on it. Ya stick it out, it's gunna be kicked. Right?
    Now, are these the kids you're hoping to spring clean? Good luck with that? They're a bit beyond the catch and douse age. 🙂

  • Oh c'mon, those faces just scream for twenty-thousand more happy snaps…or maybe they're just screaming. They are adorably cute though 🙂

  • Hi Cathie, I love your photos – even if the subjects are not so happy to be subjects!!! Ms L

  • ha ha just too darn cute…I love these shots even though I know how darn frustrating it can be. 😛