To all the mums that are beginning school/kinder holidays today, I hope you have a calm, stress-free and most importantly a fun two weeks. 
I am enjoying my little girl before she enters the big world of school next year and don’t wish a day away, hanging on to it and savouring every moment…good or bad.
We are making paper today….wish me luck.

Happy week to you ♥

  • Aww! Marvelous pics! Enjoy this time with your girl!

  • It's so true, they grow up so quickly. Have fun you darlings! x

  • Enjoy your time …we made paper at school…so fun. xoxoxo

  • Gorgeous! It is so true they grow up so quickly. I too am looking forward to holidays, less running from place to place all week!

  • Have a lovely time with your little ones too. Best wishes for the paper making! Nic x

  • Sounds lovely, enjoy that special time together, it sure does go fast…day 1 & we have already had a child locking himself in the shed by accident, a screaming match between the superheros, a minor scooter accident & it's not even 10am!! I know it's going to improve from here, chin up…

  • This time goes waaaay to quickly doesn't it?
    Can't believe our little one will be going to school next year too. Those face paintings are just gorgeous – brilliant photos again Cathie!
    Have a great 2 weeks with yours, we have another week till our school hols yet…xxx.

  • Paper making sounds like heaps of fun. Enjoy the school holidays. (I am drawing up plans on how to completely wear out two small boys!)

  • Thanks Cathie for your sweet words!
    They do grow up fast…Enjoy!I am goin to search the net for things to do with mine … ;)xx

  • Enjoy! Paper making sounds nice and squishy…

  • Love the painted faces- so gorgeous!

  • so cute! I remembered my daughter had her face painted just like this when she was little during my niece's birthday party in gold coast! 😀

  • Good luck through the holidays! This is the last year before my eldest starts school too, so I am determind to relax and enjoy it, challenging though it can be!

  • Oooh, paper making, I really hope that goes well. Should be messy, hurrah! I'm hoping to make some honey jumbles with my gang this week… and hey, perhaps we could meet up with the kids somewhere next week. Do you ever go to CERES?

  • We enjoy a bit of paper-making here, too. I prefer it as a summer (outdoors with water!) activity.

    Hug and squeeze that girl while you can!

  • Cat

    I look forward to hearing about your paper making, sounds interesting.
    Beautiful photos (as usual), and children too 🙂

  • Gorgeous gorgeous pics! Enjoy the holidays. I'm having next week off with my little girl and I can't wait!!!!

  • Making paper sounds like an excellent notion for Day Two of a wintry holiday. (After today's ride I reckon the kids are planning anything that involves pyjamas ALL DAY!)

  • such great moth & butterfly faces! happy school holidays 🙂

  • ADORABLE CATHIE!!! I actually had facepainting on mine today too! 🙂 GReat minds think alike…although, you did the beautiful art I am sure & me…well I hired soemone 🙂 Enjoy your break!!!

  • your kids are the cutest ever, love the face painting! hope the paper making went well would love to see it!!

    ~ Samone xx

  • Mel

    I'm with you Cathie – my big girl is off to school next year and it has suddenly dawned on me that our days are numbered! Enjoy!

  • Cathie!!!! oh my goodness, what a show off!!
    How divine are your munchkins ♥
    Have a wonderful holiday … brrr stay warm today.
    *I vote you do next face painting at Kindy ☺ loljust gorgeousxx

  • Did you do that face painting? It is wonderful!!

  • My girl starts her first year in a couple of months, I am soaking up every day with her.

  • Why do our sweet babies have to grow up?

    Hang on tight ~ it goes so fast!

    (Mine is 19 years old… what??? How did that happen??)

    Have a Happy week Cathie!
    xo Catherine

  • Hope you had a fabulous time paper making! These little faces have perked up my afternoon, so thank you! Love your pics!

  • Beautiful photo's Cathie, hope you have a wonderful break too. Like you I'm hanging on to my Rosie as she will be my last to go to school. I can't believe we are half way through the year already! xo

  • Gorgeous ~ like their Mum 😉

  • Bek

    Thanks! Our holidays started today and it has already been so much more fun than the school term! My little guy started kinder this year, and it really has changed our routine ++. While school has been a positive thing, I miss our old life! It was so nice to chill about at home today with him and my preschooler- with no school run!