Honey Pancakes

My nearly 5 year old has not been well lately, a bad case of mosquito bites getting infected then resulting in a severe infection of some kind.
So to fulfill my job as a nurturing mum…apart from a stressed helpless mum,  I have been making pancakes as a special treat.
These are fairly easy to make but you do need a mixer or some good whisking but they only have honey as the sweetener so a good one for little people as a school snack.

I like to make them small, kid’s palm size and they definitely disappear pretty quickly!


Honey Pancakes
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 3-4 serves
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup buttermilk *
  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • a generous tablespoon of honey
  • 200g plain flour
  • 1½ tsp baking powder
  1. separate eggs and place egg yolks, buttermilk, honey and vegetable oil in a bowl and mix until pale and creamy
  2. whisk egg whites until soft peaks form, set aside
  3. sift flour and baking powder into egg yolk mixture, mix until well combined and no lumps
  4. gently fold in egg whites
  5. heat a non-stick fry pan with some spray oil, on low heat and spoon a large tablespoonful of the mixture and cook for about a minute or until bubbles appear on the surface then flip and cook for another 1-2 minutes
  6. serve with a honey butter, which is just some softened butter whisked with a couple of teaspoons of honey **

Hope you are having a happy week, good luck to all the school newbies, I am a little bit teary thinking about my nearly 5 year old off to prep on Monday.
Hugs to you mamas ♥

* reminder of how to make buttermilk       

** that’s a butter little gingerbread person


  • Oh Cathie, I was hoping she'd be a bit better by now.
    HUGE love to you both.
    We will definitely be making the pancakes SOON!
    Thank you for the recipe and wishing Miss Amelie the speediest of recoveries. XXXXXXXX

  • These are so cute! I do hope your little one mends quickly. xoxo

  • Oh yum… and perfect for big kids like me too?
    I hope Amelie gets better very soon – she has celebrations to look forward too!

  • Oh damn mosquito bites, luckily my children don't seem to get them or scratch them – they all like me (eventhough all 6 of us are the same blood group!!) I believe it's part of an Australian 'what to look for in a wife/ husband' list – someone who mosquitoes like . . . to keep them from biting you!!
    I was pretty impressed with that stand up man-pancake, so thanks for clearing up that it was a gingerbread man, i know your good but . . .
    Get well soon little one, love Posie

  • Hope she's well soon – I've got the exact same with my daughter – lots of raw skin which is yucky 🙁 Take care and thanks – you always brighten my day 🙂

  • Cathie, my prayers go for her today!
    You are such a great mom! Cooking for her will certainly make her better!
    Huge kiss! Bela

  • Yummy!! I do hope your little one is better soon x

  • Oh, you're poor lovely little one. I hope she recovers quickly enough so that she gets to enjoy her first week at Kinder (sob). Gorgeous pancakes and such a cute butter gingerbread man. Divine! But what did I expect? xx

  • They look so delicious. I bet that cheered Amelie up. Poor thing – that sounds not much fun at all.

    Our little one starts on wednesday too, I'm not prepared for it at all. XXXX

  • Poor thing! I hope she is better soon – damn mozzies – I hate them!!

  • Mozzies looooove mine too! Sponsored by Soov Gel and Claratyne in summer so he doesn't scratch til infected. Thanks, pancakes for morning tea tomorrow!

  • Poor little poppet, those mosquitoes are nasty things! I hope she gets better soon and with some of your homemade honey pancakes I'm sure she will be smiling now. xo

  • Hey Cathie, I hope your little daughter is feeling better by now.
    I know everything about that teary feeling when you have to leave your little one behind in school. They have the greatest time you know, it's just us moms having the hard time, at least I always did…
    I will try this recipe? I've always wanted to try out those small fat pancakes. We don't really know those around here. We always bake those thin, big round pancakes, think you know them.
    Bye, have a great week!

  • MMmmmmm – this is the best – thank you – and the butterman is the best idea ever!

  • MMMMM yum – think we have afternoon tea sorted!

    xxoo I am with you re children going back to school. Even going to grade 6 and 5 I am still teary…

  • Kat

    Oh the poor thing! I get really bad reactions to mozzie bites too. Whenever I get bitten they get really big and go dark purple like bruises. I still have marks on my legs from ones I got at Christmas. I hope they feel better soon.

    And the pancakes look delicious! I was thinking of making pancakes for breakfast on Valentines Day so I will hold onto this recipe.

  • YUmmo!! Npthing like pancakes and I love the idea of honey ones.
    So sorry Amelie is still sick, hope she's back to full health soon.
    Big love to you xo

  • Dang those stressful mom times…The cakes look soooo good I bet they absolutely helped in the little ones recovery.

  • a butter gingerbread man…i just love that.
    hope she well before the big day!

  • Hi Cathie!
    Oh, bringing her homemade pancakes with a cute little buttery gingerbread man must have certainly made her feel better and very loved…
    … it must have been tough getting through those first days of the mosquito bites. I had so many on the back of my legs, one summer, the doctor thought I had poison ivy instead!
    It's awful when the body reacts like that!
    Wishing her well

  • I'm sure these yummy pancakes are just the medicine your little one needs to be be back on her feet ready for Monday.
    My hugs go out to all the new preppy mums for this week & next, I'll have a lump in my throat for you all xx

  • O Dear bless him and bless you its so hard being a mummy sometimes. I hope that he is feeling better real soon. Those pancakes look yummy i bet they made him smile. Have a good week, hugs, dee x

  • Infections are scarey! My hubby only just got out of hospital after 3 weeks on an antibiotic drip. Still on oral ones though. I hope your baby is feeling better soon. I looove pancakes so will definitely saving your recipe.x

  • Surely pancakes made with love by her mama are the best medicine…


  • I hope Amelie is better by now…I hope the honey treat got the pain away too.
    February the month of crêpes and birthdays is it :)! XO

  • Oh Cathie, just stopping by to let you know this recipe is FAB!! Made them this morning for when visitors came and they were well received!!! I still can't believe you make buttermilk with milk and vinegar! I had to read that bit 5 times to make sure i was doing it right – wishing your girl a speedy recovery 😉 b xx

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