• Lemon cupcake was delish and the other cupcakes, smiley face and olive bread found a happy home with my best friend and her lovely 2 year old. Let's just say that they were bundled straight into their car, with no chance for me to change my mind ha!
    I passed on a hello to Finki for you this arvo.
    Don't forget to check out the S&C website, definitely still not on for August.
    Talk soon,
    Jen in Melbourne

  • Of course! Happy tidy up time ;)x

  • Thanks Cathie yes having a lovely weekend so far 🙂 those happy faces are so cute!

  • I miss your ginger bread, I was miffed that I had market today and couldn't drop by to get some. Jen said hello from you, Thank you. (:

  • I love your photos! (And your cooking!!!)

  • Gingerbread, now there's an idea for this week. Thanks Cathie.
    I have posted a blog love token/award thingo for you over at my blog today.
    Have a fab week. Sandra x

  • I'm ALWAYS HUNGRY after visiting your blog…am only going to do it on a full stomach from now on. Too dangerous xox

  • Such beautiful innocence! THank you for coming past Ada & Darcy. x

  • Seriously beautiful pictures, you rock! I feel like I'm right there with you all 🙂