• This is beautiful! It makes me want to twirl & dance…I love it!

  • I love it, they cool indeed!

  • Awwww so cute!!! I'm racking my brain trying to think of something for this week – maybe I should make myself a twirly skirt and join Amelie.

  • Oh that's so cool. Thanks that was something to smile at, always good:))

  • Oh thats great – I was admiring the skirt in this mornings post. I feel like doing the can can or something after watching that!

  • How perfect Cathie!
    Looks brilliant with the movement –
    and that gorgeous skirt – wow!
    (must have a go at the animation sometime – was it easy?)

  • Oh….MY….That is FANTASTIC!!! That brings blogging to a whole new level. LOVE IT!!!

  • Vic

    AWESOME SAUCE!!! I love this so much!

  • Wow wee, that is too much fun!! We have Gyspy Tutus at Shop Handmade & adults buy them too, they are just too easy to twirl in. Love Posie

  • Such a cute GIF of Amelie in her beautiful blue skirt! Very sweet

    Yes its v easy to make an animated GIF Jennie much better than what we used to do in web years ago! Just click on Cathie's link

  • So cute, my daughter has this skirt in red with with trim – a real twirler. I checked out the linked and ended up at Picnick – I think you have introduced me to a new addiction – I had planned to knit for the last half hour, but have been lomising, polaroiding, ortonising and other things instead. Will try the little animation tomorrow – must knit before bed.
    Sleep well

  • oh wow – how wonderful! We should all dance to freely. What a great way to show these photos – thanks for sharing!

  • oh, the joy of wearing something so beautiful…i love these images Cathie.

  • LOVE it Cathie!! SO happy and carefree xo

  • Must, must, must try this!

  • Jen

    how cute and sweet and cool!

  • I loved it! I just wanted to keep watching! Childhood captured!!!

  • Fantastic! I agree with Libbie – childhood captured.

  • Sooo pretty and charming, Cathie!! I love the way your sweet moves!!!

    Tight hugs!! Bela.

  • How beauitful!! What a cool idea and I am loving the skirt 🙂

  • oh my gosh i love it !

  • gasp!

  • Wow, looks amazing!

  • Mel

    Man! I clicked on your link, looked away, looked back and gasped! That's amazing! What a fantastic skirt too!

  • Gotta get up and dance mom!Fantastic!

  • smarty pants – i foresee a run on twirling skirts and many happy little (and big) girls 🙂

  • That's a great solution to a non standing still child! Brings a smile to my face.

  • STUNNING!! love love love XO