How do you like your cupcake?

Obviously the edible kind, but I have been pondering this for a while as I am not a cupcake eater I always wonder what people like in a cupcake.

  • Is it the cake bit, the icing, both?
  • How much icing do you like on your cupcake, is there such a thing as too much.
  • What proportion of icing to cake do you like?

I’d love to know, stay for a cuppa and a chat, let me know what your ideal cupcake is.

This one is finally on it’s way to a secret someone that will hopefully like it.

Have a great week and thanks for the chat

  • i am not much of a cup cake fan either, i love my donuts, but my nina is obsessed with cupcakes!!! she has to have it pink, whether it is the pattie or the icing – then she will only eat the icing and give me the cake bit. she has eaten them this way for her entire life of 4yrs and i dont think it will ever change. so inresponse for nina…..the more icing the better & if its pink even better! xx

  • Well, I love cupcakes and my opinion for what it's worth is that the cake must be moist and have lots of flavour so that the icing isn't the only hero. The icing should be thick – so that you get a good mix of icing and cake with each bite. One of my favourites is hummingbird cake with a thick swirl of cream cheese icing, yummo!

  • And, I meant to say gorgeous pin cushion, I haven't received mine yet????…. fingers crossed

  • That is so adorable!!!

    My ideal cupcake? Moist cake, buttercream frosting, and a combo of chocolate and strawberries. But really, I love them so much that I will take any flavor:)

  • I am not much of a cupcake fan either. I like them fresh, which when you buy from a cake shop, they rarely are. I mean, out of the oven fresh. I used to like them with sultanas in them and NO icing. My sister loves the frosting – butter rich. I do like gingerbread. Mine is not too sweet. I am more of a savoury tooth and ate two, count them, two packets of olive dip this weekend – craving it.

  • Pam

    That is just adorable Cathie! With a bit of luck it's winging it's way to meeeee!!! lol.

    ok, so with cupcakes, for me:
    It's definitely the combination of both cake and icing. Both need to be on par as you take that first bite that includes both. Oh and I do so love to bite into them and find little surprises in the centre, like some melted choccie, dollop of jam or a lovely fresh nut even!
    There can be too much icing, yes. Especially if it's a sickly sweet one or too greasy.
    I'm thinking a ratio of maybe 2:1, cake to icing? 🙂 x

  • Kat

    Gorgeous cupcake! I think that a cupcake has to have nice lovely tasting cake but must also have heaps of icing. I am definately an icing girl. I rip the bottom off my cupcakes and eat them first so that there is a better icing to cake ratio when you eat the top. The more icing the better 😉

  • I love cupcakes- in all types and sizes and flavoours- but they cannot be dry – then need to have icing and sprinkles or nuts or something… i rarely eat them but when I do i want them to remind me of my childhood.

  • That is absolutely gorgeous Cathie. What a lucky recipient.

    I'm all about the icing when it comes to cupcakes. However good moist cake is important to balance things out.

  • ummmmmm I love me a cupcake.
    I like a cupcake with a surprise inside, like a cherry filling or lemon curd or raspberry jam inside (not too much) but just a small little surprise filling.
    I also like icing, enough but not too much. Id say 1/4 of the cupcake should be icing and the rest cake. Can you tell I'm a connoisseur? ;o)

  • I love the swirl at the top of your cupcake!
    I had a feijoa cupcake at the market on the weekend – it was so moist with the little chunks of fruit. Cream cheese in the frosting is very nice too!

  • I will squeal if I get your cupcake pink cushion!!

    I LOVE a good icing but a moist base is always important x

  • I do adore a good cupcake when I can find one. Me? I am all about the frosting!

    Your pincushions are adorable. Some lucky girl will be delighted to open her mail and find that instead of bills!

    Have a wonderful week. Did the weekend really go by that fast???

  • Hey Cathie…you know…I am a chocolate girl but when it comes to a good cupcake i LOVE white cake with white frosting 7 there HAS to be a lot of frosting or I will pass. Don't want to waste the calories on a cupcake with too little frosting 🙂

    You are right though…time is FLYING by! I just hope it slows down when summer comes. I LOVE long slow summer days 🙂 No alarm clocks & lots of sunshine 🙂 Take care!

  • Cupcakes are my obsession! They must be fresh and moist with a silky smooth Italian Buttercream

    I love to decorate with big "American Swirls" then I rip the bottom off the cuppie and smear 1/2 the frosting on the bottome half so each piece has just enough frosting. Yum!

  • I love cupcakes. They need to look good but I agree with them being moist and not dry and having the sweet tooth that I do, icing is very important! x

  • Oh yumbo jumbo. I love quite a bit of icing on my cupcakes. I love the combo of cake and icing and like enough icing to go with all the cake bit.

  • Ok that is the cuties cupcake ever!!!! I like cupcakes because they are so adorable!!! Hugs for a great week xoxox

  • Yum to all cakes! But in a cupcake…a chocolate one with a really cocoa-ey (is that a word?) icing. Plenty of it too! I like the cake but the icing is what I'm really in it for 🙂

  • Firstly gorgeous pincushion! lucky receiver..
    Ok now cupcakes are something I have definite opinions on. I'm a cupcake addict. FOr me I just love vanilla ones, classic but to me the best. And for me it's all about the cake, and I don't like too much icing. Moist light but not dry or flavourless so with a abit of substance ( butter) Buttercream, or vanilla, orange, strawberry or lemon icing, but I like it mostly to be cake so I dunno 90% cake. If a cupcake has too much icing I won't eat all the icing. no matter how nice it is. but you know I nice layer of icing on the top. just not super thick. I have no time for cupcakes that are all icing and hardly any cake.
    for me anyway. hope you are having a great monday.

  • There has to be enough icing for each bite of cake. I don't like having just a smidge of icing at the edges and a whole mouthful in the middle, even though that does look pretty!

  • Cat

    I don't love eating cupcakes either. I think they're very pretty to look at though.

    I love your pincushion. I'm so behind on mine. 🙁


  • i think less icing/frosting more cake! and make it moist too.

  • Well, until about ten minutes ago I would've said I'm all about the piled-high buttercream icing, because I think I've generally eaten fairly ordinary cupcakes. But as I'm reading this Cathie I'm eating one of your apple spice cupcakes I just made with the boys, fresh from the oven, and it is THE. MOST. DIVINE. cupcake I've eaten! Even though I had to make it with wholemeal flour, it is so light and buttery and the apple is perfect. MMMMMMMMMMM.

    I still don't know how you can quite manage to not eat cupcakes. Do you have vegan sweet toothed equivalents that you like to tuck into?

  • I have read all these comments and think I was going to say 'mainly cake' but now I'm thinking my favourites are probably the mini-cupcakes, that are bitesized, with probably about 1/6th being icing, with sprinkles, and tasting a bit like chocolate mousse, light and moist and lingering…

    I love the Sex and the City, Magnolia Bakery cupcakes, but oh, too much icing. Looks good but why bother with the cake? They should just sell the icing in cupcake papers!

  • Good morning Cathie,
    In answer to your question…there is nothing like a good cupcake…there could never be too much of that S*W*E*E*T stuff on top…as long as there is a good cup of tea to chase it…almond icing tops the list…no need for cake if the "buttercream" is fine…have a cupcake of a day…love Rosie

  • I don't really eat them either. Not a huge cake fan. love yours though!! gorgeous!

  • Well. SInce you ask…

    1. One third icing coverage
    2. Sweet but not sickly, so…
    3. With a fresh, light (possibly zesty, zingy) appeal
    4. All over moist
    5. Not so big that I need to be tractor-ed away

    PS. Yours up there looks lovely, albeit somewhat chewy).

  • I do love cupcakes. I love ones that have just a nice covering of icing not too much but enough to cover the top of the cake and a light and fluffy cake base.

    Oh that cupcake is so sweet and will surely be loved by the recipient.

    Have a happy week! xo

  • I LOVE cupcakes!! quite dense – lots of icing & ones that look the part too! What a wondeful pin cushion you have made XO

  • I don't eat cup cakes either although I sure do bake a lot of them for my gals and their friends. Your pin cushion is AMAZING!!! SHe'll love it for sure. X

  • I love it how cute.I wish it were on the way here,lol.Im not much for cupcakes they seem to be a little waste of time.When the girls were young I made them for school things but now if I bake I would bake a cake why not right??They are simply one large long

    Happy new week Cathie.

    Im thinking something is wrong again with the giveaway nothing here yet.Ive got things before from Australia that never took so long. anyway….

  • Wow Cathie, how I wish it was me, the secret one your gorgeous cupcake is traveling to. THis cutie is beyond awesome! Look at those needles… sigh… simply a d o r a b l e !! Great work, my friend.

    Have a happy day and a wonderful new week. xoxox

  • This is such a cute creation! Have a lovely week 🙂

  • No calories in that cupcake.
    I remember making cupcakes when my 4 boys were growing up; I would make them and they would decorate them. they all love to cook; maybe one of the reasons.

  • What an adorable pincushion cake you've created.

    As far as cupcakes…I love the way cupcakes look especially piled high with frosting. But I am totally not an icing person. Just eat my cakes as they are.

  • Hi Cathie,
    thanks for popping over re; my photo load prob, I think it's resolved thank goodnesss!

    now for cupcakes – a very interesting subject one, i would consider you an expert! i am in the midst of experimenting, and think i might be using a better method now.
    so for me
    number 1, texture is really important,
    number 2, balance of flavours,
    number 3, as some others have said above – moisture – has to be moist.

    icing is optional in my house – my son loves heaps, but i prefer not too much – otherwise it's too sickly sweet.

    I love cupcakes with a fruit in them! makes me think they are healthier!


  • Beautiful pincushion!
    Cupcakes, known as 'buns' to me growing up . . was that ever the case here in Aus?
    A plain cake, nice and dense, with a thin crisp layer of icing (and a cup of tea!)
    Cathy x

  • Did you make that little gem…..OMG…here you were worried about NOTHING…Its absolutely FANTASTIC!!!
    Now…the icing… I am a cream icing fan, all the others are to sweet. I have not problems with you putting on as much as you like…I LOVE the stuff!!

  • I just like the love I get when I bake a batch!

  • Sorry Cathie, I am not a cupcake fan either. I love the look of them, especially yours, but I find most of them too dry. I dont eat or like many cakes at all, and have been called a freak for this! But I LOVE a good muffin or chocolate brownie or sticky toffee pudding. mmmmmm, I want pudding now.

  • I wish I was your secret someone!

  • Loving your pin cushion. It is 100% adorable!!!

    I'm not sure about cupcakes… I've never really thought about it. I'll eat almost anything on offer as long as it is vegetarian and my general attitude is that everything tastes amazing as long as I don't have to do the washing up.

  • ooooh Cathie
    i loooove my cupcakes in sweet lemon wool and with gorgeous pins on top!!!!!!
    thankyou, thankyou- i was so excited when i read your name on the back of my parcel. And thankyou for all the sweet extras too- my kids loved your gingerbread men!

  • Your pin cushion is absolutely divine – good enough to eat. How lucky your swap partner will be. I long for the day I can make one as good as this!

  • those cupcakes are just gorgeous – the perfect pincushion for you to make!

    in answer to your questions, i love moist cupcakes and i like the icing not to be too overpowering, in amount or in sweetness.

    thanks for visiting my new blog! i am keen to get some blog decorating tips from you when i see you next!

  • Thanks for reminding me with your todays post, I have been thinking about this- serious business, cupcakes.
    The cake needs to be moist- but texture wise, not necessary light, I don't mind abit of almond meal moistness. Actually, I like that, abit of density without being heavy. Like you are chomping into something(I don't like sponge cakes- but not a muffin, which could be abit more scone like…
    NOt huge, I agree- someone else said that, things are getting ridiculous with portion sizes.
    If it's a great (buttery, smooth, not oversweet or bland with butter, cream cheese is good on some cupcakes)icing, it can be between 1/4 and 1/3 icing- then you can fit more pretty things on!!
    that's my two bobs worth- any further questions? by the way, I have had your cupcakes and they tasted as good as they looked- which is an added bonus these days!!

  • oh yummo i too LOVE cupcakes..more the cake than the sickly icing actually.

    BUT i must say i ADORE your cupcake pincushion..i sure hope you're sending it my way 🙂

  • The best kind are the felt-y pincushion-y kind!!!…and because I have a bit of a sweet tooth, I like cupcakes with plenty of icing to get a bit of icing with each bite. Probably I should stick to mini cupcakes to minimise 'a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips'!

  • wow! love all the cupcakes: baked and knit 😉 i love a cake with a tender crumb and a swirl of pastel pink buttercream frosting, not too much and not too sweet, just right.

  • hay i really like all of your creations!
    they're all quite lovely!
    thankyou for sharing!
    your blog is delightful too btw!

    have fun being wonderful x

  • Now that is a lovely cupcake pincushion.
    I love cupcakes! I like a yummy cake to start with. Too many times have I had a cupcake that looks amazing, but the cake is bland or dry. Love fluffy icing on top (particularly the butter cream kind), but not so much that there is more icing than cake.
    Thanks for asking! x