how to create a watermark on your photos

Have you ever wondered how to add a watermark to your photos, well if you use photoshop it really is very easy to create and to add to your pics.

how to create a watermark in photoshop

  1. create a new custom file, I made it 600 x 50 pixels and make the background transparent
  2. use text tool to write your name, business etc
  3. go to save for web devices and then save as a PNG file
  4. go to edit, define brush preset and save your watermark as a brush
  5. open up an existing photo in photoshop and use the brush tool to stamp your watermark on your pic

and it’s as simple as that!

have fun and please let me know what you think and if you’d like a few more photographic tutorials ♥

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  • I was wondering how to do that after looking at your flickr photos yesterday. I'd love more photoshop tips as I'm defnitely photoshop challenged!

  • Oui!!!!But will have to get photoshop now…I tried and could not use it so did not extend the trial… that as BAD I am!!

  • Fantastic! Thank you. As a brand new blogger and not much of a photographer these kind of tips are exactly what I need…. not sure if we have photoshop but will bat my eylids at Hubby to find out!

  • Thanks Cathie. I'm photoshop illiterate! I'll get my husband to give it a go – sounds very 1950s I know. Can't wait to see the end result.

  • What do you know, I had indeed been wondering how you watermark your photos! 😀

  • Kat

    I don't have photoshop but I really want to get it. I would love to see some more tutorials.

  • Thanks Cathie…I will ahve to ask my husband as he uses about 4 different photo editing packages. Me, I just stick to pathetic!

  • Hey Cathie,

    Thanks for the photoshop tip. ^_^ I need to get myself a copy of photoshop and try this. I was wondering how you do it- my photographer friend helped me do it for some of my photos but I had no clue how she did it. Cheers! x

  • Thankyou for sharing your secrets Cathie. I would love to learn anything you want to teach me!

  • Thanks for this!

  • I love photoshop and have been using it for 13 years now… and yet I'm still learning new things! Thanks!

  • You can also make the text translucent if you want to so it's not too obvious – you do this by changing the opacity of the text…

    Just another little tip 😉

  • omigosh – thanks so much for this. The other day I spent about an hour trying to figure out how to do this…. or was it more than an hour. This seems much easier and I can save it for future photos. Thanks again!

  • So good to learn Cathie, thank you! It finishes off your photos beautifully! Swisho!

  • It's taken me A YEAR, but I've just done this and it's fantastic. Thanks so much!!!