Hugs ♥

Thank you all for opening your arms and giving me what felt like the biggest cyber hug ever!!
You had me in tears and you made me feel the grief and to be able to let it out and I really appreciate that.
Thank you ♥
We headed to Daylesford yesterday to visit this lovely magical place called Lark. We were welcomed by the ever so beautifully smiling Allison & left with some wonderful Christmas gifts.
We then had a fabulous pre Christmas family get together before my beautiful sister-in-law leaves for the U.K.
Beautiful day, fabulous lunch, great family get together, lovely presents and lots of smiles and laughter. Very much needed indeed.
Hope you had a great weekend

  • Did you do the light painting? It's gorgeous! I just read about those the other day and would like to try to create one! I also wish our Christmas could be as warm and sunny as yours!!!!

  • was it as good as it looks?

    i am so wanting to get there asap 🙂

    gorg pics! x

  • Lucky girl being able to visit Lark!! XO

  • What a lovely post; you made me feel good all over;would love to be there; thank you!

  • I am glad you had some happy time!you may have to schedule some happy/ feel good things every day I beleive:)!Daylesford seems to be a lovely spot…me think!xx

  • Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. It looks like you had a wonderful day. I too would love to visit Lark!

  • Allison's work is so fantastic, such authentic pieces in a world full of fakes, she's a true shining star. I'm delighted Daylesford offered you a little of its healing powers Cathie & that you were able to share it with all your precious ones.
    Millie ^_^

  • present! christmas! children! You have many reasons to be happy 🙂

  • Cathie, every time I visit your gorgeous blog I find myself scrolling all over the page drawing with the falling stars!!! Anyway… one of my reasons for visiting today is to let you know I tried your photography tip with the baking tin – kids thought I was mad but it worked brilliantly! Thanks so much for sharing the tip.
    PS I'm so glad you had a lovely day with your family 🙂

  • Love the wrapping paper and gift tags – cute!

  • I wish you many more sunshiny days !