I ♥ Blossoms

I love walking down the street to see blossoms popping up everywhere, I love their gorgeous pink and white hues, I love that they make everything look so dainty, I love how they dance in the wind, I love how they seem to glow under a gorgeous blue sky and I love that spring is nearly here.How about you?

  • Nature's work of art! Sadly, it's too warm in Sydney for them but our old street in London had them…just beautiful and I love seeing them here!

  • Yes! Am currently loving the blossoms too. We have white blossoms on my daughter's plum tree and pink on the neighbour's peach tree (which hangs over our fence! Yay for us!!) Nice post.

  • We are surrounded by such natural beauty Cathie.

  • Hello – what beautiful pictures. I came across your blog after visiting 'TasteSpotting'. Wow – I love it, so pretty and all the pictures are lovely. I am now a follower! (From the UK – Wales. No blossoms here – just rain today!!! It is summertime, but the sun has been gone for a few days now. Love the blog 🙂

  • I can't wait!

  • Ohh I love the blossoms so much I'm going to name my first daughter sakura, Japanese for cherry blossom! that's our secret 😉

  • I love cherry blossoms. They make me sentimental about Spring in Belfast growing up. Lovely!

  • Darling you can be a poet with that writing!! So soothing and calming, I am glad I visited you today; I really needed that nature punch. Have a great day my lovely friend!!

    ♥ Hugs ♥

  • I have them in my garden and every year I want to pick them…but then I would have no fruit! So outside a go and just love them. Nature on your doorstep is a magical thing!!

  • Oh I'm just in LOVE with that first blossom shot – perfect! Have a great day xx

  • Blossoms are beautiful aren't they?
    Spring is definately in the air it's so lovely.

    Your photos are stunning 🙂

  • Such pretty blossom photos! I am currently embroidering felt blossoms, and am feeling further encouraged and inspired by these photos! Thank you! x

  • They are so beautiful Cathie, I love taking the time to enjoy the beauty of nature too. I am enjoying the early signs of Spring feels good to have some warmth. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures.:)

  • That first photo could be framed, its stunning! I love looking at nature, all the beautiful things God designed. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!

  • Hmn. I think I quite like precisely that blossomy stuff that you like.