I heart cherries

Summer & Christmas for us always mean yummy, beautiful, perfect cherries.

Some curl up with hot cocoa in far away lands and cook with warm Christmas spices and we enjoy beautifully smelling summer fruits.

Wherever you are, enjoy the different smells, the tastes, smile, laugh and especially enjoy the hugs from those you love.

  • There's nothing sweeter than a bite of cherry – and I'm sure they'd taste doubly delicious when served in such a pretty teacup!

  • i adore cherries! i am thinking cherry cobbler now. filled with warm spices.
    i send you love, dear friend.

  • mmmm Cherries. My family finished off a kilogram box last night of the fattest most delicious cherries ever. so decadent and divine.

  • Cherries are my favourite part of Chrissy morning… yummo for breakie!!!

  • They look so yummy I will have to give them a try!

    Thanks for the comments on my blog Cathie, we seem to have a bit in common, I never thought that I would meet another girlie, hat loves chooks, hates camping and loves having a toy boy!!! :)it made me giggle! Thanks!

  • We may not have snow, but yes we have the most gorgeous fruits to indulge on at Christmas time…

  • mmmmm – I love cherries too! They also go well with dark chocolate…. yummm….

  • Ash

    I'm such a cherry lover! Especially sour cherry jam!

    Wishing you joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year! Have a great one!

  • Oooh, I think I Heart them more. Tee hee, I had a cherry post too. I make myself near sick on them every year (and yes, I've been sick with them this year too).

  • what a beautiful shot….