• Tas

    Geeze, that Vic chick is pushy lol.

  • Ahhh peer pressure!

  • Who could resist that?

  • Oh, that is SOOOO funny. You really can't say know when it's in writing like that!

    (PS. just because you sign up, doesn't mean you have to use it. I have twitter, but never hop on!)


  • Yippeeeeee!! see you over there. x

  • aaaawww enjoy and have fun ;-)) I made an account but i can't get on with it im a facebook girl it has to be said. But your have loads of fun ;-)) dee x

  • Oh i barely get FB, zero time for Twitter. Enjoy, watch all your time disappear, love Posie


  • Vic

    😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Vic

    (Just as well you joined too, sending tweet towels instead of tweets is slow & could get pricey.)

  • Peer pressure at it's best!

  • So cute!

  • Ohhh I am resisting!!! no way hozay spend to much time on this already AND I dont even get to keep up with pintrest!

  • I love that tea towel – peer pressure at it's crafty finest ! Looking forward to seeing you Friday 🙂

  • That is so amazing – Vic is a genius!! Welcome to tweetyland!

  • Oh Yay! Off to look for you now lovely lady!

  • That is so funny.
    Good job Vic!!
    Hope you love twitter … off to check you out now.

  • Oh my goodness! Talk about PUSHY! See you on the other side…

  • that girl to too clever, fabulous work Vic and welcome to twitter miss cathie

  • That is seriously cool. I joined Twitter but honestly, don't really get it, so haven't done anything with it. But I still love that tweet towel. She's one classy bird.

  • That is absolutely brilliant! I love that crazy girl! See you there, possibly.

  • That is too cute! Love it! I started an account ages ago but have only tweeted a peep 🙂 Have Fun!

  • Bloody funny.
    I have not yet succumbed to the tweet!
    Still waiting for my tea towel 😉

  • Goodness Cathie, this is "diabolique" :)!!!Clever cookie this Vic!!:)
    I have one too but never used it (almost)…so lost my password :)I can hardly keep up with FB…Such a slow mumma I am :)I may see you there too if I find the magic words again!

  • That's the cutest bit of encouragement! I am now going to follow your "tweets"! It took me a little prodding to sign up too. 😉

  • How cool is that? Vic is pretty clever isn't she?

    I have never ever been on Twitter.


  • that is hilarious! i am on twitter, but don't really "get" it!

  • we're all very excited to have you on there!!!

  • YOU ARE A WINNER! WOOHOOO! emal me and we can sort it out

    xo em

  • que blog mas bonito y divertido tienes, si tienes un minuto te invito a visitar el mio, creo que te puede gustar
    un saludo desde España

  • Omg! Amazing!

  • TK

    oh this is too funny!!!!! TK xx

  • Hah! When someone wants you to tweet that badly, what do you do!!? : )

  • What an ingenious idea! You must be sold now 🙂

  • Awesome 🙂