• Well the ones when you don't have a market that you've already cooked for 🙂

  • I do too and I also love those gumboots!

  • This rain is just so lovely, can you believe it is raining in Mildura too! It is just delightful!
    Sophie x

  • Love good gum boots, why not chose gorgeous ones & wear them out!! We wear them in the snow too. We saw the hail on the news, goodness, that came from no where . . . love Posie

  • What great boots! My kids went bootless today, after the enormous hail, and splashed happily in freezing water up to their knees. Brrrr!

  • Love the boots! Hope your Saturday was lovely!

  • I love the Rain…we get a lot of it so it is a good thing I love it…cute boots…cute umbrellas..cute raincoats..what's not to love? Hope your day is cozy and fun. xoxo

  • Love those pics!

  • Those are the cutest boots; I had 4 boys, so no pink boots at my house.

  • I love your rainy day photos but I do not love rainy days. Rain makes me feel sad. And rainy Saturdays mean wet feet at market, ugh! But on the other hand we do need the water. I hope you lot are having a fab weekend. XX

  • I love rainy weather! Great pink gum boots:) I've got a pink pair too with lollies on them! Hope you enjoyed your weekends!

  • Me too, and walking in the rain, but most of all I love those gumboots!x

  • If I had those adorable boots I would be outside walking in the puddles that are forming with our melting snow. Fun!

    The flowers are beautiful ~ lovely photos.

  • Grettings…came over from Rose Tea Cottage, the Duchess's blog for a visit and a delicious bit to eat. Lovely blog.


  • LOVE the rainboots, and i love rain. I live in VAncouver, BC CANADA, where it rains 10 months out of the year (no joke) so I really DO love it!

  • hey cathie,
    hope your having a relaxing weekend…I do have a bit of disturbing news…YOUR IT!
    …you've just been tagged…pop over to my site for details…smile on Rosie

  • those are some fabulous pink boots…I bet they belong to the little cupcake I saw yesterday
    …..love Rosie…..