oh baby

I must confess, I am such an emotional mum, I cry at times, I hug waaaay too much, there is not one single night that I don’t tuck them in when they are asleep and whisper that I love them.  
They don’t ever realise I do that, but I know I do.


Every time something new happens, I just want to freeze that moment and treasure it forever

I want to hold on to these two little beings for as long as possible


Their funny little quirks and the stories they tell are what makes me smile, every single day.

Oh no, there are bad days, days when things are just too difficult to deal with but I don’t mind, I take the good and the bad and appreciate my glass as being half full.


So, for now, I am capturing these baby teeth because someday soon, they’ll be all gone.

Two down, many more to go.



I made this brooch for me using Jodie’s fab tutorial but I think it suits Amelie so much better.
You should make one, it’s so easy, all you need are fabric scraps and it will make you smile.
What are you creating today? I’d love to see!
See you soon friends ♥


  • My 9 year old son(turning 16) hugs me in the morning and I saviour them all. I hope my kids never get "too old" for a hug from their mum.
    And that brooch is so sweet. I don't blame your daughter from claiming it.

  • I do that every night too (+ 4 kisses). Beautiful post Miss C.XXX

  • I love those sneaky sleeping bed time "I love you"s, I'm sure they sleep better because we do that.

  • If only we could hold on to them forever. Our 18yo is moving to Brisbane on Friday which feels like the other side of the world and I am so not prepared for it.


  • oh cathie, i nod my head to everything you say hear. I tell Che, constantly, throughout every day, that i love him. love, love, love him. and i swear, Poet has been kissed a gazillion times since birth, her cheeks are of the chubby, squishy kind so it's hard to resist them.

    Beautiful photos – treasured moments x

  • Sam

    I do the same thing Cathie, but sometimes my son stirs and without opening his eyes whispers "I love you mum" or "night mum", as I tuck him in, I sometimes wish they would never grow up, such precious little souls :)Sam

  • Your such a sweet, warm and caring mother, your children are so lucky to have you.

    Skye has lost two of her baby teeth too – it reminds me that she is growing up and I get all teary.

  • How funny you should post this as today I was working on my laptop today when I looked up at my desktop computer {I know, spoiled} and there was a slideshow from our 2006 holiday with our gal smiling away with her gorgeous little baby teeth. I stopped working and looked up to watch for a while…

    Like you I hug too much, say "I love you" too much – but really, it's never enough is it.

    Lovely, lovely post x

  • We can never hug enough. We can never say I Love You enough. Even when they pretend it's too many, it never, never is.

    Great brooch, Cathie, but even greater words. x

  • We can never hug enough. We can never say I Love You enough. Even when they pretend it's too many, it never, never is.

    Great brooch, Cathie, but even greater words. x

  • WOW Cathie, you have described my sentiments precisely. I am an emotional Mama too. I still nurse my 15 month old to sleep every night, on the lounge, just cuddling. Then I don't want to put him to bed, love just holding him. I'm not bothered if I'm doing it when he's 2 either, because I know my eldest boy grew out of it around that time… and I missed those sleepy cuddles so much. And like yourself, I want to hold on to every precious moment, can't get enough them :o)
    Your babies are perfect, they're just gorgeous incorporated :o) And the brooch is all kinds of lovely too xo

  • Oh don't you just wish there was a big fat pause button?

    Such a lovely post and beautiful pictures (and tiny teeth)! x

  • I do this too, every day & if my children even flinch, i say "i gave birth to you, i can cuddle you & kiss you as much as i want" & my high schooler STILL lets me hug her in front of friends. I know we'll have some trying times, but don't you just think a cuddle fixes everything, lets your defences down & shows them you still love them even if they are being a bit of a ratbag, it's their emotions, not really them!! Love Posie
    PS they know when you tell them you love them in your sleep, kisses & tickles, my 4 smile!!

  • gorgeous kids and pics. Just showed miss 5 and she told me I should make them some broches, maybe tomorrow…

  • Oh, I know what you mean, they grow up so, so fast! Next week I will have a 14 and 4 year old…treasure them as you do now; Love this post Cathie!
    oh, and thanks for the broche tip too,
    take care, Maureen xx

  • Gorgeous photo's and I know exactly what you mean about holding on to them at this lovely age! Love your brooch too!

  • Your photos are so beautiful Cathie. You are so right to capture them at every turn. They grow so fast and these will become precious memories. xx

  • aaawww what a beautiful little post Cathie, you are such a sweet person. Its wonderful to appreciate the little things in life. Your children are very lucky having a lovely mum like you. The brooch is so sweet. Have a wonderful day, dee xx

  • You have gorgeous children and they look so alike. It's a hard job this parenting. I feel like I'm going crazy at times but I never knew how much I could love 2 little people 🙂

  • Cutting to the heart, as always Cathie.



  • Vic

    You know, if I didn't already have a gorgeous brooch from a gorgeous gal, I just might have made my own. 😉

    It is SO good to see a mother thoroughly enjoying her kid's childhoods, being with them, living in the moment & enjoying (almost) every minute. Too often I hear whinges about kids from parents & I wonder where on earth there head is at. If only it were permissible for kids to whinge freely about their parents the way I hear some parents go on… there would be some truths told there!

    Looking forward to seeing you next week lovely, promise you won't let me hang around on my own like a Nigel no friends! xx

  • I know just what you mean. I do the same to my little girl (also Amelie).

    Have just found your beautiful blog via Our Creative Space.

  • Sweet, sweet sweet – your kids are so cute that i want to shrink mine and have tghem be that age again – so precious!

  • Our children are so precious and they grow so fast each and every moment is so special with them. I love telling mine I love them and cuddle them even when they pull faces I know that they love it but I love to tell them. Your two are so sweet in these photos and look so alike:) Gorgeous brooch you made clever lady:) xox

  • I too whisper sweet nothings into my kids' ears every night when I go to bed. And I'll do it as long as I can get away with it! Sweet words and pictures, Mama…

  • Those moments are precious…enjoy them my friend…your children are adorable! Thursday hugs.

  • i am the same kind of mum. i love being that way! your littles have that look of being very much loved by their mummy! : ) the brooch is darling and yes i think it suits amelie well! loved this post cathie.

  • The first thing what came up my mind was, that brooch I want to make too. So cute so lovely!
    Today I'm creating lettres from fabric. A big challence. Soon I will show them on my blog but for the moment you can see them on my facebook page if you like :

  • I check Busy every night before I go to bed just to look at her and tuck her in? how could I not??

  • You make very beautiful Babies Darling … oh and brooches, and cakes, abnd thoughts, and words … and I cry at plenty of things too♥.

  • Rie

    Ahh, baby teeth. Bubba has his bottom 2 & his top 4 are coming thru & he bites me often.. but I adore those teeth – it means he's growing! And just this morning he said "boo" to me… I pretend to jump & he laughed with delight. Awesome. Love motherhood!

  • Dearest one I know that feeling looking over old photos while making Chontele’s birthday book reminded me of those little teeth, giggle faces and her arms around my neck. We are still the same today she’ll just that little bit older.

    Your girls are truly beautiful my friend, you always capture there pure essence in every photo of them. Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine that warms your heart.xo

    Always Wendy

  • Baby teeth…I love those baby teeth… 🙂

    That brooch sure does look just perfect for your happy girl! Super cute!!!

  • You love those kiddies so much and they may not know you whisper when they are asleep, but they know that are loved to bits – and that's the best mothering I know!
    I've kept up the hugs as they get into teenage years – it helps to soothe away the volatile emotions at that age as well, cause they don't understand why they are cross/angry just like a 2 or 4yr old can't work out why they get frustrated.
    Oh, and I keep finding baby teeth put away in envelopes, all through my drawers and it still makes me smile as I remember a lisp here and a gappy smile there!

  • I give my boys a kiss and whisper I love you into their ears when I am on my way to bed too. Noah has said "I love you too mummy" back to me a couple of times. My heart does a little somersault when this happens. I want to keep them this way forever…

  • Awww… you're such a sweet mum! These photos are gorgeous and even more so for the words and sentiments that go with them.

  • Beautiful words and photos. You are the sweetest.
    Yes, I am noticing it more and more with Zoe, now she has just turned 2, I want her slow down, so I can savior her as a toddler, before she is a big girl too. I check on both girls before bed very night too, and give them a squish and a kiss in my head.

  • That brooch sure does look like a good match with the girl. Glad you get to enjoy her enjoying your creations.

  • TK

    I do that kissing goodnight thing too!!! – always have…..when little M turned 10 last Thursday I felt sad – I just realise how much he is growing up and I want him to remain my 'Little Boo' forever…..hanks for such a lovely sweet post Cathie, you bring tears to my eyes often! TK xx

  • Oh Cathie those babies of yours are precious! And that broach is just charming. Sending hugs a plenty for a great week…Rosie

  • oh Cathie I'm an emotional momma too! I say "I love you" a trillion times a day…. I tell them I can't even begin to say it enough! Precious photos and sentiments!!!
    Have a beautifully blessed weekend,

  • what a beautiful post
    love the brooch too
    (I'm a secret tucker-inner too)

  • What a lovely post Cathie – I should remember to do this soon (take photos of the baby teeth) Amelia is yet to loose any and is at the getting impatient and checking each day for a wobble as all of her friends have.
    x Kylie

  • really lovely!

  • Aww baby teeth are so cute! My 6 yr old has two wobblies on the top now, he's already lost four on the bottom. Where has the time gone, I remember when he was just a pudgy little 1 yr old!

  • What a sweet smile, what a happy face, what gorgeous pictures! You captured a happy moment to be cherished forever.

  • Oh I'm that kind of mum too cathie – cry too much, worry too much and cuddle too much and tuck them in before i go to bed. It's the only kind of mum to be! You have captured your gorgeous gorgeous kids so beautifully here. xx

  • I love those baby teeth! You are such an inspirational mum!!