oh baby

I must confess, I am such an emotional mum, I cry at times, I hug waaaay too much, there is not one single night that I don’t tuck them in when they are asleep and whisper that I love them.  
They don’t ever realise I do that, but I know I do.


Every time something new happens, I just want to freeze that moment and treasure it forever

I want to hold on to these two little beings for as long as possible


Their funny little quirks and the stories they tell are what makes me smile, every single day.

Oh no, there are bad days, days when things are just too difficult to deal with but I don’t mind, I take the good and the bad and appreciate my glass as being half full.


So, for now, I am capturing these baby teeth because someday soon, they’ll be all gone.

Two down, many more to go.



I made this brooch for me using Jodie’s fab tutorial but I think it suits Amelie so much better.
You should make one, it’s so easy, all you need are fabric scraps and it will make you smile.
What are you creating today? I’d love to see!
See you soon friends ♥