• Give your self some time, allow the pain to flow in and out, over and under. You will breath again…..not just yet….but some time soon. xx

  • I really think it’s the 'after' when it hurts the most. After the initial shock and the casseroles delivered to the door. After the ceremony and the public farewells. Often the time when you find yourself a bit of quiet and everything rushes over like a wave.

    Still, I reckon he knows what you've been up to anyway.

  • Oh honey, it breaks my heart. So much love to you and your family. XX

  • Time. xxx

  • I wish I had the right words…but remember he will always live through you and your familly and I am sure he would love you to be happy again (after you have allow the pain)…(hug)xxxx

  • They say time heals all wounds but you know…I really don't believe that…but maybe time does make the hurt a little more bearable xx

  • your words touch my heart……xx

  • Cat

    The toughest journey by far Cathie. I'm thinking of you. For me, it just reminded me to hold on tight to those who are still here. xo

  • Beautiful words. Thinking of you.

  • Anonymous

    He is with you everyday my beautiful, everyday. Luv u xxxxx Michelle-

  • If only there was a magic wand Cathie. I have been sitting here thinking about what to write, what to say to you… all I can get out is that I am thinking of you. xxx