Infinite possibilities for the new year

As the year draws to an end, my head is full of thoughts and images and I start to think about the year that was and the year that will be.
That’s when I start writing mental lists of what I’d wish the new year would bring us, my family, friends and to you lovely friends who pop by to sprinkle some fairy dust and love and make me smile.
So for the new year, my list would definitely include infinite










What do you wish for the new year?

I’d love to hear and as a special thank you for being a part of my journey and my year I will pick a name out of the virtual mixing bowl before the year ends and send them some cupcake wrappers from my infinite stash.

Go on, you know you’d love some ♥

  • Tas

    Beautiful photos and sentiment Cathie. You ahve it covered. I will be aiming for some specific targets of the crafty kind but for life in general, health and happiness with my family and friends is the aim. Merry Christmas to you!

  • HI Cathie,
    Enchanting photos and beautiful wishes. Mine are pretty much the same, with an extra special wish to deal with my once sweet as sweet little boy and now ever incresingly monosymbolic teenage boy, with understanding and support, while remaining firm.
    We are now down in a very cold and windy Torquay and wishing for a bit of warmth for Christmas Day.
    I wish you and your family a peaceful Christmas.
    PS – If I am heading up to Melbourne (I'm hoping) I will send you a message to see if you are free.

  • Beautiful images as ever Cathie 🙂 Next year I hope to spend more time being creative and spending less time dealing with the more mundane aspects of business! On a personal level I am looking forward to seeing my boys turn 2 and 4 and enjoying all the fun that 'growing up' brings 🙂

    Have a fabulous Christmas xxx

  • My ongoing, daily wish for the past few years has been babies for those who want them. For myself, I wish good fortune in our efforts to purchase a home.

  • Your photos are AMAZING!!! xoxo

  • I'd say good health because without it life is harder and sometimes really crappy.
    merry christmas to the m.e family xx

  • oh love love love this!

    To be settled – somewhere.
    To feel peace.

    XX to U.XX

  • Sorry my friend…my spelling was so bad in last comment had to delete it and start again…..


  • most beautiful blog post ever!! I wish for more time for me and my family next year, I'm tired! have a wonderful Christmas Cathie! x

  • Lovely sentiments Cathie, and beautiful photos too.

  • What stunning images, collected beautifully here.
    You have it spot on for the most important of wishes…but if I let my mind wander, I wish for:
    compassion to be contagious
    time spent in the woods
    adventure of the everyday kind
    creative fortitude
    a good growing season
    more spontaneous dancing
    and that all of your wishes come true!

  • Cathie, what a beautiful post, love it. For me, given this year, I wish for health for my family, for lots of quality time and cuddles before my eldest heads to school in 2012, for laughter, for smiles, for love and for happiness. That is what is most important to me x

  • gorgeous post, Cathie…i'm doing lots of same…reflection and looking forward.
    The close of the year always does this to me…and as i see my kids growing up, and up…i just want to really make every day count with them. My little one has one more year at home before kinder and she'll be more than ready, but i want 2011 to be filled with lots of tuning in to her and also to my son.
    I want to learn to say no more often, to things that fill up, but don't satisfy.
    (a couple of meanings there! LOL)
    I also want to back off my blog a bit.

    This is going to be one of my little mantras for next year…
    To be happy, do not add to your possessions, but subtract from your desires.

    I hope your 2011 is everything you want it to be, Cathie.

  • The photos here made me smile. So did your gorgeous words.

  • Such a beautiful and heartfelt post. Love it Cathie.
    I wish for alot of the same things.
    Love ( which hopefully might include a man), friendship, smiles, laughs creativity and health to whom I love
    big hugs
    i'm missing you
    PS I'm also wishing right now to be warm it's -8 today!

  • I love your wishes for 2011. And always, I LOVE your photographs. They are stunning. Merry merries to you and your m.e family. Looking forward to more amazing food/photographs/thoughts from you in 2011. xx

  • beautiful post 🙂

  • beautiful and hopeful post as always cathie. merry christmas!

  • I love your post of beautiful photographs from the year. I think you've summed up all things important in life. May all of what you wish for and more comes to you and your family in the New Year. I wish for a year of happiness, wonderful memories to be created, fun and contentment. Merry Christmas Cathie and thank you. xo

  • Lovely, lovely images and thoughts from you, lovely Cathie. Wishing for much the same here, (with a few wishes for a little less upheaval and emotional wrenching….but give me health, love and creativity and I'll be happy).

    Happiest of happies to you and your gorgeous family.

  • The prettiest post, Cathie friend! I love the images! You are so good at capturing moments!!!
    Your list is so cmplete I make it mine too!
    Much love for you and your lovely family! Bela

  • Can I second all that you've said? Gorgeous pics of your gorgeous kids. Have a wonderful celebration Cathie. It's been a big year.

  • Such inspiring and enlightening photos. Thank you for the lovely post – wishing you a wonderful new year! Look forward to you photos and blog posts in 2011!

  • Wonderful pix and the list – yes, all of this is needed to mak a happy new year! This year was, business-wise, a very hard one for me, and i hope the next one will be easier and more fun. Otherwise, your list could be my list! Cheers to you sweet one and thanks for being such a great blogfriend!

  • I wish for all those exact same things, but mainly to be happy and healthy.
    I hope you all have a super fabulous christmas and new year!

  • A divine post, Cathie. Stupendous. Health is my number 1 for 2011. Have a glorious Christmas. J x

  • Thank you Cathie for such beautiful pictures and words and blog friendship through out this year. I agree this time of the year things rumble in my head too…I must admit Health happiness and love are the big headers. I think I will try and define each of them better so they are full of meaning to me and not feel so general so I pass next to them and do not recognise them in 2011 🙂
    Joyeux Noel to you and your loved ones.
    Sandrine xo

  • What a beautifl post! I plan on doing something similar early in the new year! I think it is important to focus on the important things in life when making resolutions rather than setting your sights extremely high and risking disappointment. Health, happiness, good food, laughter and learning are all things that will be high on my list!

  • Hi Cathie,
    I just found your blog. Wow, it's beautiful, your photographs and thoughts are so uplifting. I can't wait to have a good look through your blog and enjoy it more. Have a wonderful Christmas and see you in the new year! Emma.

  • What a gorgeous post – such beautiful images 🙂

    Next year I just want me and my girls to be happy and contented in our little family.

  • I want all of this too xo

  • such sweet words lovely Cathie … merry Christmas to you and your gorgeous family x

  • Vic

    What they ^^^^^ said lmao.

    Have a faboulous Chrissy Sweetness, I'll be back next year to be inspired by your cooking, creativity & beautiful soul.


  • All of the above!
    That is one gorgeous post Ms cathie! Gorgeous!
    Huge love to you. XX

  • Lovely post, and beautiful pictures as always ♥

  • Thank you for another beautiful post… hoping for a bit more acceptance and patience on my part (though even I'm not so unrealistic to hope for infinite patience, even if some days it feels I need it!!) and just a lot of fun… Happy christmas wishes to you and yours xo

  • Absolutely wonderful!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  • Ahh Cathie,
    Your images are just spectacular (once AGAIN!)
    Just a quick note (as that is all I have time for these days) to thank you for the L*O*V*E you sprinkled all over my site through out this last year and wish you and your beautiful family All the JOY this perfect season brings…MERRY CHRISTMAS dear one xoxo…Rosie

  • beautiful. i wish for inspiration and an open heart. merry christmas.

  • I just keep thinking of the adventure you'll have next year as a primary school mummy & how lucky your primary school is to have you as a new family!! Have a great one my darling, love Posie

  • Lovely list! I cannot top it. Merry Christmas to you!

  • Cathie, your beautiful warm heart shines so strongly through this gorgeous post. I hope next year is a truly magical one for you. I could say that world peace is my wish, but seeing MOTH start our kitchen reno in earnest would be just as good! Merry Christmas to you.
    Millie xx

  • I just wish for love. x

  • It sounds like a perfect wish for a new year. I hope yours is blessed.

  • I wish everyone health, love and happiness in the coming year. No one know how long they have on this earth, so hug your loved ones and tell them you love them every time you part.I will make a difference! People kneed to know they are valued.

    Thank you for your lovely blog! You are valued! Have great end to 2010 and a wonderful 2011!

  • I don't think I could ask for much more than what you've just mentioned – you've pretty well covered it!

  • A stunning post. I love your photos ad message. i hope the new year is joyous for you

  • totally gorgeous pictures – so delightful and just love your cherubs with divine faces and inspirational words – wishing you an awesome 2011 for you and your family!

  • Happy memories for my children xoxo Love your photo's.

  • i love the smiley face cookies. just lovely.

    …i wish for a peaceful and family filled year. i cherish these years with my teenagers.

  • endearing photos. i wish to be the best that i can be…each and every moment.

    one love.

  • Bec

    t sure I can top that Cathie, think you pretty well covered it perfectly 🙂 I guess health is at the tp of my list though, this past year has been a tough one for me and I feel dizzy from the stress so I guess mental health and calm is what I am striving for this new year. Really all of the other wonderful things follow if we have healthy mind, body and soul huh. Love to you Cathie xx I look forward to sharing more friendship with you this year 🙂

  • you are so inspiring and your photography so beautiful!! Happy new year to you too!! To finding the magic in the air and helping it stick around…



  • You captured your kids beautifully. I love that they are in the garden with kitchen tongs! 'Love My Family' is a statement my husband and I say many times throughout the week – and it definitely shows in your photos;)

  • Cathie, you're a beautiful person – I can tell from your photos! I hope your camera comes home really soon – all better. And wishing you all of those wishes for your new year.