Is it cold?

If you live in Victoria I guess this is similar to what you would have seen this morning out your window!
My partner jumped on his bike at 6am whilst we were all warm in bed, to face -1 degrees.
According to The AGE homepage it is a nice 5.4 degrees at 10am.

The girls didn’t really seem to mind but they were VERY hungry!
So what is it like for everyone out there today?

Hope you have a great day, we are off to playgroup 🙂

✗ Cathie ♥

  • Holy moly! Glad to be in Malaysia right now…

  • We stayed last night in Melbourne and were the first ones at the park this morning. When everyone else was arriving and complaining we were used to it. Its how we live for the middle months of every year. Gorgeous photos. Love Kate XX

  • It hasn't gotten past 18 here in Brisbane today, and at 4pm it's still a chilly 17 degrees. Not supposed to get past 12 tonight though, but we shall see.

  • Are you sure the chickens weren't frozen in those positions…???!!! (he he he)

  • I had to take the kids outside to see the ice too. Crazy.

  • Yes freeeezing!! Lots of logs on the fire tonight!! & extra snuggly blankets on the beds.

  • Brrr…just one lounge room heater in our new house!

  • gorgeous pictures!!!!!!