• too cute!
    i've often wished this on hot summer days…
    xo, K.

  • Hi Cathie, i totally agree! i've been roasting in my little oven room these past few days! its been so hot, dry & basically just intolerable! try to keep cooooool 😉

  • I sure would!!

  • It's not AS hot here, but I'm sure it's impeding your ability to bake!

    Love the pic xxx

  • How do you know I haven't been?????

  • Nat

    How …ADORABLE ! I have wished for same when trapped in the sweltering heat – although its fall here at the moment…which means we get to cuddle up … : )

    …Stay Cool !

  • It's chilly here, but I sympathize with you because I hate hot weather. This photos are absolutely adorable. What a cutie!! xo

  • adorable – looks like what my 2 have been up to!
    I might just do the same because we live so far out in the bush – nobody would know, would they?

  • Oh just strip off and run Cathie. It will give the neighbours something to talk about!!

  • They are great photos! I guess that one of the advantages of having no neighbours is that we can.

  • Only if there's a sprinkler… Loving your shots {as always!}

  • I'm nude……..well actually I still have my undies on 😉 xx

  • Oh that would be fun to sneak peek into Melbourne hot houses:)Is it really really hot or just that you are not used to it and came on suddenly?xx

  • My two like to go completely starkers in what passes for our backyard, it must be fun being a kid in hot weather. No baking going on here, I'll be waiting till it cools a little….

  • adorable!!! its still quiet warm in kuwait not too hot though.. and my daughter is not playing in her undies like when it was summer time lol

  • I wish I could but I think the neighbours would die of fright!

  • Who says I'm not? Makes for interesting spontaneous visitation by telephone salespersons though.

  • Cute! The funny thing is, even though we are in the middle of fall we got a few warm days too! Probably not as warm as yours, but still…
    Stay cool 🙂

  • I live in the middle of nowhere so I can. EXcept, last night at about10.30pm I was outside, in my knickers and I hear this 'hellooooo'- I was like 'ahh, who is it?' (who visits at that hour) 'ahhh, just a sec'- followed by mad dash to the laundry to find something- anything to put on my bottom half- then walked out (oh so casually??) 'oh hi'- it was my neighbour looking for his two calves which had gone missing. We went and looked with torches, no luck, found this morning in his back yard! Oh the trials of running around in your knickers!!

  • hi Cathie! just catching up on you. loving the lemonade. perfect for this weather. we've had some really hot days here too and i've loved watching the little ones strip down to their underpants and frolick under the sprinkler. i've been under too. but i kept my clothes on so as not to scare the neighbours. we are lucky enough to live in a town with no water restrictions. Sandra x