Is it time for bed yet?

price list using that frame, mod podge from spotlight or online

After a couple of busy days and a great market, I am faced with a car to unpack and a lot of dishes to wash.
I have missed visiting you, but will hopefully catch up with your news over the next few days.

Enjoy the weekend….I need a lie-down.

  • Thankyou sooooooooooooooooo much for my absolutely beautiful and completely delicious birthday cake! We had a lovely afternoon tea with it, and now my brother and SIL are coming over to share some at my house. I've had the most wonderful three day birthday festival.
    I think I should have offered to come over and help to wash the dishes!

  • Love your price list – gorgeous! Hope you get some rest soon xx

  • ooh, nice menu, I wouldn't mind some of that frittata or a savory tart for dinner! Now, put your feet up and have a nice cup of tea, deary.

  • Can I pretty please have a chocolate cupcake, one of each sweet and savoury tart aaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddd (licking my lips sucking my finger) one of each breads PLEASE.

    Thank you!

  • Oh that menu looks…and sounds wonderful!! Hope you have a restful weekend. I think the take away fairy should visit tonight 🙂

  • Time for peeps me thinks Miss Cathie! Night, night. Loving that menu frame by the way. x

  • mmm red velvet cupcakes! yummm I havent had one in ages! and that frame is super cute!! and as I've said…booo to dishes!

  • was lovely to see you and your sis today. It's been AAAAAAges, and we need to set a date for a catch up with Beky and Jenny.
    Rest well, and hope you sleep with the angels

  • very cute frame – hope you get some rest soon!

  • All just lovely, just like you, to the core, love Posie

  • That frame turned out great! and looks awesome with the menu in it. I am thinking of doing something similar for my mum with my grandma's christmas cake recipe…if she'll commit it to paper anyway 🙂 So glad the market was a success, enjoy your lie down!

  • have a well earned rest, Cathie!

  • The perfect frame for listing those delicious wares. Sweet dreams, Cathie!

    Liesl x

  • Your list made me hungry!! Yum. Hope you sleep tight tonight, sweet dreams honey xo

  • I hope you are cozy in bed, having some sweet dreams right now! When you awake, could you please send me one of everything on your menu ~ yum yum yummy!

    Take care,
    xo Catherine

  • I love your sweet menu…I want to come buy!!!! Enjoy your weekend….hugs. xo

  • put your feet up and relax!


  • You enjoy your R&R, I enjoy your lovely menu!

    Hope you're having a great weekend, Cathie. xx

  • That frame looks lovely! What a nice idea. Wish I could try some of the delicious treats you have on there. Have a good day.

  • The frwme is PERFECT for that! Oh…dishes…that reminds me…just one more blog visit 🙂

  • That menu looks so super amazing – I want it all! Hope your weekend is lovely!

  • Anonymous

    Miss you too. Can't wait for a catch up. P.s I use my red book everyday & always think of you xxx

  • All I can do is drool over your wonderful menu! Time for me to be off to bed but I realised I'd been remiss in my visits recently. Too much work too!

  • Cat

    Your frame is lovely. And my mouth is watering just reading your price list!
    I was all set to go to the market, but I had forgotten about a children's birthday party were were invited to.
    Hopefully next time – I want to try everything 🙂

  • lots of free art collections to view at NGV 🙂

  • Oh Cathie reading your gorgeous "art price list" makes me think that I would love moving closer to be able to treat myself with some your delights!!hmmmmmm 🙂
    Hope your clean up was not tooo painful!XX

  • Wow – you've done it again! The price list looks brilliant (did anybody offer to buy it instead of food?). Hope you got your rest too!

  • awesome frame…get some rest. we'll be here.
    one love.

  • I hope you had sweet dreams and are waking refreshed and ready for a brand new day. The framed price list is just perfect and made my mouth water.

  • That frame looks FANTASTIC!!! I bet it stands out at the market!! Hears to a big sleep for you my dear!!!

  • adorable frame! perfect with your classic font!

  • Well done sweet girl…I would have loved to have sampled your wares…I'm sure there was many a smile when they selected their special treat…and a chorus of " Mmmmmm " with their first bite…

    …Sweet dreams…Rosie

  • I hope you're well rested now Cathie! I can see from your fabulous menu that you've been very busy.
    Cathy x

  • You made ALL THAT! Wow, you must have been exhausted!