isn’t it funny…

… we think that little ones around us sometimes don’t understand.
Above is a drawing my 3 1/2 year old drew of our family under a rainbow, dad, mum, Aidan & Amelie.
“I drew mum sad”…

Even though we try to shield them from certain things like the pain of grief, it managed to get through and appear on a day when I thought I was ‘happy mum’.
We try not to shield them from too much because we feel it’s very important to their development, emotionally, socially and physically.

so yes, I may sometimes be ‘sad mum’ but I hope that it’s something we will be able to talk about together and be able to deal with.

what do you think?

So it’s the final day of the fabulous Blogtoberfest and I have definitely enjoyed visiting many new and wonderful people and hope you have found some new ones to love aswell.
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