It’s been a little quiet round here…

I feel like I have been hiding this last week, peeking a little into your lives yet not sharing any of my life with you.
Mothers day went by and I felt a little sad.  A little part of me wanted my dad to see what a great mum I am or one that I hoped to be.
It’s strange but I just missed him so much, I thought I was dealing with the grief and all of a sudden it just came flooding back.
Sorry, I don’t have many words this week but I invite you for a cup of tea and a glimpse at a few things we’ve been up to
mother’s day heart pillow for my mum


mother’s day heart pillow for my little sis


toy picnic using vintage picnic set in a suitcase found on the nature strip



op shopping with my little guy



  hanging out with my little assistant


 making birthday cakes


 enjoying autumn


Enjoy a cupcake and see you soon friends and if you feel like voting, please pop round here

  • So many beautiful goings on around your parts . Thanks for sharing them .

  • What a lovely cupcake. I don't mind if I do!


  • Now that is one sweet picnic! Oh the treasures you make & find!!! Even though you were a little sad you still made sure it was a special day for others…you have such a sweet heart Cathie…He would be so proud!!!

  • You have been up to some sweet things, Cathie. The heart pillows are very cute. Love the adorable cup and saucer!
    Lots of love for a happy Midweek, sweet friend. I try to not think about my sweet sweet father, that works best for me. Let us hope we will find a way to deal with it one fine day, Cathie. On May 12th it has been three years since my dad passed away. My parents live 130 miles away, I was on the phone the last 30 minutes, I am sure my sweet daddy waited for me. I used to call at 7.30 pm, when I called that day he said 'Saskia', that was his last word.
    Aw, sweet Cathie, why oh why did our sweet sweet SWEET Daddies have to pass away this early. I am thinking of you today a bit more than the other days. Much much love o xx o

  • The cupcake looks gorgeous! Lovely photos, have a great day!

  • sorry for your grief on mother's day… i'm sure your dad is looking down on you and can see what a wonderful mum you are. i love the things you've been up to. your world is beautiful and thank you for sending some of that beauty all the way to me in california! i hope you received my thank you email. it was such a fun letter to open from you. xoxo hope you're feeling your dad's spirit around you.

  • Hi Cathie!
    Always a delight to see a post from you, always with the prettiest, loveliest pictures. I would love so much to see one of those redhooded-whitedotted mushrooms. My plan for next autumn: find and see one of those.
    I'm so sorry to hear about your dad and I can imagine you miss him, especially on those special days.
    Mother's day here was all about our daughter who had her Communion on that day; a very busy mother's day.
    Hope you feel better…

  • What a beautiful and colourful life you have given your family Cathie.
    The kids involvement in all the projects is a delight to see (not to mention all the oppie finds – jealous !).

    I think your greif at this time is a sign of your caring Cathie – how could you not be missing someone who made your childhood so great when, at a time when you are making wonderful memories for you own kids.
    Many Hugs across the Strait to you.

  • aaww Cathie such a sweet post. So sorry to hear of the loss of your father hold onto those precious memories you hold in your heart. Looks like you have been making even more beautiful memories for your own children this week love the vintage picnic basket that's so sweet. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week…ooohh yes gorgeous birthday butterfly cake ;-)) hugs, dee x

  • Oh Cathie so sorry to hear how badly you are missing your Dad. I really hope things get easier for you soon. On the plus side that picnic set you found is truly awesome as are the cushions you gifted for Mothers Day. Love love love. x

  • Wow, what a lot of pretty colours and wonderful things! That birthday cake!!
    Hope you're feeling much less sad soon 🙂

  • Oh it's hard isn't it…. I get it! Hugs to you! xx

  • Dear Cathie, a huge hug is all I have. And sending love xxx

  • That butterfly cake is out of this world. Marvellous.
    Sometimes we just have to stand back and have some moments to ourselves. Take care Cathie.

  • Sending a hug your way. The pillows and picnic items are so sweet.

  • Sometimes I reckon you just have to come over all hermit-crab like. And sometimes things just hit from left-field. I reckon they're designed to keep you true to yourself. Big hugs to you gorgeous lady. x

  • I agree that sometimes you have to hold back and just be. XX
    I love so many of these images, the little doll with the kowhai dress .. the picnic set!! X

  • So much goodness in that post Cathie. You are a very talented photographer! You are such a beautiful person and beautiful mother – he would most definitely be proud! I just had a conversation this morning with Mr FGB wondering the same things about his Dad. Did you really find that suitcase on the nature strip?!?!! What a find!! Those cushions are divine also!

  • Mothers Day is one of those times isn't it? Certain things are magnified on that day for sure.
    I love those cushions you guys made for your special people! And the vintage picnic set is perfect with the beautiful tea cups. Much love to you XXXJ

  • Vic

    Aw Sweetie. *sniff*

    Beautiful glimpses into your days, I love the tin tea set, if that's even what it is? xx

  • Hugs – hope that you are feeling better soon – special times are always the hardest.

    Love the little pillows – so very sweet and the rainbow is cute as well under the print:)

    Love you little assistant – mine is driving me slightly batty at the moment. My Mum and Dad arrive tomorrow to give me a little break (just being able to go to the toilet without a helper will be a bonus)


  • Lots of love to you. And I just voted 🙂

  • Gorgeous snippets of the happenings in your life!

    Hugs to you Cathie 🙂

  • I can't believe you found that toy picnic set on the nature strip. What a find!
    Sorry again about your Dad. With each of those passing milestones I hope you find new reserves of strength in his memory and what he gave to you.

  • you have beautiful surroundings Cathie, even if you don't have many words i enjoy looking at the pictures so much xxxxx

  • Ah Cathie, you're such a precious soul. Look at those gorgeous Mothers Day cushions – I'm sure they were received with rapture! You're a gift to your family and all those who know you. I wish I could give you a big hug and share a pot of tea and a chat… I'm sure your dad would be so, so proud of you. You are his legacy dear girl – he lives in every sweet thing you do xx

  • I hear you Cathie. Hearing you loudly. xxx

  • Gorgeous photos and wonderful things happening around your place. I adore that picnic blanket, am thinking of doing our nursery in aqua and that would be perfect!! Love the vintage picnic set too. Sorry to hear you found Mother's Day hard with missing your Dad. It's funny, it's almost 2 years (in May) since my Dad passed away and I still go through periods where I miss him terribly and can't believe he's gone. I'm sure your Dad is looking down on you and knows what a wonderful Mum you are. Big hugs xx

  • TK

    Sweetest sweetest Cathie, again I find myself reading with tears in my eyes, thoughts and love to you dear one….we are all better at our house but no internet so have been out of the loop this past week or two!!! Its been weird, I love your heart pillows, what a lovely gift idea. TK xx

  • J'adore !

  • Your post has uplifted me and made me sad all at once. You're a darling, Cathie. You'll always miss your dad, and that's perfectly okay. But you knew that, of course.

  • You're such a sweetie! You always write from the heart and you always seem to find the beauty around you even when you are sad.
    Big hugs, Alisa x

  • Dearest Cathie,

    Life, there is always some bitter – sweetness. The universe is shining on you.

    jill xo

  • gosh look at all those comments.

    i feel cool to even know you, right now! 😉

    Hope you are finding some happy moments and remember it is okay to grieve. Thank you for sharing!


  • Oh special send you biggest hugs and love.
    I'm so sorry you've been missing your dad and grieving again, it must be very hard, but you know what I'm sure he was looking down on you on Mothers Day and seeing you and being so proud at the mother you are.
    love all the beautfiful things here, the tea party the love hearts.
    biggest love xoxo

  • Big cuggles from us. I am so sorry you are missing your dad again and all your grief has surfaced again.
    Your photos, as always, are magical. Are those toadstools/mushrooms for real – that photo is exquisite.
    Love to you sweet one, Cat xox

  • Thinking of you Cathie. You gave me some of you, and now I want to give you some of me. I hope that you can feel my hug, and know that you are not alone. It is a spiral, and even after 4 years, I still have them. I had a beautiful comment on my blog, and this anonymous person told me to go with it. Be in that moment of pain, and let yourself cry. They are right.

    Be in the moment, and know I am having a bite of that cupcake and drinking tea with you! x

  • Ahh sweetie big hugs to you, life is a tricky thing to deal with sometimes I hope that you did take a moment to enjoy your special day and know that you are a great Mum and your Dad knows that too. Thanks for the cuppa and cake. xo

  • do what you need to do sweetie. cry if you need to. hide away as long as you like. hug your little people tight. we'll still be here. xo

  • I miss your dad too my lovely cousin.Million hugs to you to make you feel better…♥♥♥

  • My thoughts are with you. Some days are harder than others aren't they? But then if not, perhaps the really good days would not seem so sweet. I am wishing some really good days and a bit of silly for good measure!

  • I feel bad for missing this blog post – it's that time of year isn't it for a bit of gloom it seems. Oh so cold here this morning, I am endeavoring to put a tea-set together for my niece for her birthday – I love yours.

    I hope you are feeling better – love to you my friend xoxo
    Rach x

  • Lou

    Sorry to read you haven't been feeling so good. Your dad would certainly be proud of you and your family. Looks like you have been up to some nice things though. Lots of beautiful photos there.

  • Tas

    Hope that you are feeling brighter, Cathie. So many delightful photos, I don't know where to start commenting. Oh, yes, I do. I need to get me one of those heart shaped cushions from my children… x

  • Kat

    Sorry things have been hard lately. I hope they start to brighten up for you soon!

    That pillow is adorable!

  • Gorgeous photos. What a lovely picnic:)

    I hope that you a feeling better this week. I was feeling that way about my Nana last week too. Thinking of her often. She passed away almost 7 years ago, but I was very close to her. Last week, apart from just wanting a big cuddle from her I was wishing that I had asked her so many more questions. Strange. But you know, as I do, your dad is by you side and can see what a fantastic mother you are. Not a day goes past that I don't draw strenght from my Nana's spirit.

    Take care xo

  • Oh what stunning photos Cathie…..& amazing gifts. I always love coming over here to see what wonderful things you have been doing & making & creating. You are very talented my friend XO