It’s been three years, 
it still hurts and not a day goes by that I don’t think about you
we miss you, 
I hate that you are missing out on so much of our lives, 
I hate that we can never hear your voice again, see you smile 
I finally realised that the grief was making me sick,
I worried about getting sick or even worse seeing someone else I love get sick
I’m not doing that anymore, 
I know you wouldn’t want me to
I am living and loving every minute now, 
the good bits and the bad bits
all because I have my favourite people in the world around me
all of them except one
I miss you dad

I needed to write this

  • <3

  • big hugs!

  • Kat

    love to you and your family xoxo

  • Tas

    xx Thinking of you.

  • Hugest of hugs to you Cathie.XXXXOOOO

  • Cathie xx
    I'm glad you know that your dad wouldn't want you to worry yourself sick.
    I will be thinking of you today, and try to appreciate my favourite people. Take care.

  • Thinking of you Cathie. Beautiful words. Thanks for sharing them with us, they really 'spoke' to me x

  • so glad you're living and loving cathie. it's the best way to celebrate life for those of our loved ones who have passed on. i hope you feel his love around you always.

  • beautifully written Cathie. hugs to you.

  • Thinking of you and your family today. What a beautiful tribute xx

  • I get that need…heartfelt thoughts for you today. x

  • Thinking of you xx

  • Big hugs Cathie. A beautiful heartfelt post. I'm sure Dad is looking down on you & smiling xo

  • Dee

    I'm been thinking of you all day lovely Cathie.
    Beautifully written post.
    Hug your favourite people and be good to yourself ok ?
    Dee x

  • I'm glad you got beautiful flowers
    Cherish those happy memories Cathie

  • so beautifilly written. sending you love and blessings. i hope i can learn from your words xx

  • love…. xx

  • Oh Sweetheart. You know how much I get this. Sending you a huge hug. J x

  • I am so sorry you've lost your Dad. Just thinking about losing mine makes me ill. I am thinking of you and saying a prayer that you will have peace. Be well, friend.

  • I have tears in my eyes reading this, it is so beautiful. Love and cuggles, Cat xox