It’s hard work having fun!

Happy Monday friends, I feel exhausted today and the week has just begun!

Hope you celebrated Earth Hour in style, we were lucky enough to have been invited to the Zoo to celebrate Earth Hour in VIP style…yes, FUN!

Zoo Victoria invited a bunch of bloggers to celebrate with animals, music, food and wine, what a way to spend the evening.
We had a behind the scenes tour of the zoo and relaxed on the lawn listening to the Wagons & Tim Rogers.

Was great to see other bloggers around, and you know a true blogger when you see them taking pics of their food.

Was very lovely to meet Pip and her family and the lovely Anthea.




On Sunday we had a great time at the Apple Tasting Festival thanks to a family pass by RRR.




A wonderful family day out with kids activities, yummy biodynamic food, apples, icy poles and music to entertain young and old.

Now back to reality and some pincushion assembly.

Enjoy your week

  • That looks like a really fun day out! It's funny, I don't normally photograph food for my blog, but did just the other day 🙂 Does that mean I'm now a true blogger ;P

  • The Zoo and Petty's Orchard are two of my favorite places ever, it sounds like it was a brilliant weekend.
    I hope the start of your week isn't too busy Cathie!

  • Pam

    What a fabulous weekend you had Cathie! So much fun. Haven't heard of things like that happening up this way, but then maybe I have my head in the sand too much? Or just not looking in the right places? Hmmm…. maybe I need to start looking harder. lol.

  • HI Cathie, sounds very fun. We ( should have been at the apple tasting day with a stall…have to try harder next year! It looks like a happy event.
    x Tan

  • All you hip and cool bloggers! that is great, it looks like lots of family fun.

  • And free! Even better, gotta start entering things for family passes! We don't do anything that fun.

  • Sounds like such a cool way to spend your weekend!!

  • Sounds and looks like a great family weekend.

  • Now, you see if we had bloggy name tags – I would have run over and said "cathie" and then hugged you even thought you don't know me …

    Next time – name tags !!!

  • What a perfect place to spend earth hour! I was at home by the light of my laptop! (unplugged of course!) Yum – apples!! hope you have had some time to work on your apple board? 🙂 Sarah XO

  • Your zoo photos are much cooler than mine! It was certainly a lovely evening… 🙂


  • I wish I was there…so wish I was there!!!! I hope you had a fab night, it looks like it was a blast!

  • Sounds like a brilliant weekend! See you soon. Lou.

  • It was great to meet you too Cathie! We also enjoyed watching your little one rocking out with the ultra-cool ear muffs to Wagons!

  • Sure does look like a great day out had by all… Thanks for sharing such gorgeous pictures..

    Hugs – Jodie 🙂

  • Sounds perfect Cathie. And great to see a photo of you in there with your boy.

  • Yay!!!What a fab way to start the week, now I hope you get many more of these precious family/fun moments…great photos too bien sur!X

  • Looks like fun!!!! Great photos..thanks for sharing..happy Monday to you! xoxo

  • Sounds like an absolutely wonderful night! So glad you had a great time.
    Have you have a wonderful day.xo

  • What a fabulous adventure for you and your family. The zoo at night, I’d love to get locked in there “accidently” so I could watch all the animal waking up in the morning!

  • what a gorgeous blog entry! looks like you all have lots of run. Children look so cute.x waving from london in UK.

  • looks like you all had a fabulously fun day!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my food blog.Sorry for being late.I blog regularly at

  • Looks like you have had a fantastic fabulous fun family day! Have a happy Tuesday, or better, Wednesday… ;o)

  • Did you say Apple Tasting Festival? How excellent. You got to bob for apples, right?!?!

  • Yum! Does look like a wonderful evening out. We spent Earth Hour in a candle light competition dinner. Made it easier disguising the food 😉

  • What a lovely way to start the week! Two weeks in a row! Looks like lots of fun and I love the Dad and daughter shot. Lisa x