It’s the littlest of things

Underneath all the sparkle, baking and fun, there are times when life just gets a little hard, things get emotional and motivation begins to drift off.  

That’s when true friends step in and open their arms and show me that they care and they are there for me.
Nothing makes me smile more than a sweet word, a warm hug and the simplest of gestures.

Opening up my messages to find that you have tried a recipe and loved it or that my images make you smile.

I am thankful for my real life friends that do care and do go out of their way to come and see me when they know I am down and to my virtual friends for the daily encouragement that makes life just…good.
I’d love to send you a photo card in the mail, to put a stamp on an envelope and write you a note and make you smile.
Leave me a sweet word and I’ll pick a few names from out of the virtual pot. 
Is there anything you are thankful for?
I’ll give you a week.

Thank you ♥

  • aww. how nice of a post. i am thankful for my dear little parents, whom i miss dearly, and even tho 10thousand miles away, can still make me feel as tho ive just gotten a great big hug.

  • Of course, I'm thankful for family and sweet friends but I'm especially grateful for my good health. The aches are there as I get older but I marvel at how much I can do each day. Good health to you and all! x

  • In the middle of this yucky virus, I am grateful for a hubbie who comes home from work early to 'help me out'. And I am really for the lovely sunshine we have had this week.

  • wow, I'm thankful for my ever loving husband who puts up with the craziness that comes along with chosing me as his wife and also my beautiful children who always make me feel special even when i think i'm failing at parenting. And I'm thankful for the kindness of strangers, it's amazing how a passing smile or a knowing nod can lift your day.

  • Gorgeous words and thoughts lovely one! I am thankful for LIFE! I am alive and breathing and going to wring the absolute heck out of this existence….beautiful souls in my world like you make the adventure all the more sweet. Hope you have a spectacular Sunday 🙂

  • I am thankful to YOU. Yep, you Cathie for popping past my blog and leaving kind words. Thank you 🙂

  • I am thankful for my son. He is a miracle baby and right now a giggling little boy who gives hugs and kisses and says the most funniest things. I am thankful for the giggles, the hugs, the kisses and even the sleepless nights.

  • What a lovely post, Cathie – your words are always kind and supportive. I am thankful for many things, including an inspiring, funny, sad, happy, thoughtful, clever, creative blog community – you all save my sanity regularly – thanks!

  • I am grateful for a loving partner and family esp at this time of my life when I need them most.

  • Pam

    Love your stack of lovely cases and tulips Cathie. They made me smile inside.
    Apart from all the familial wonderfuls, I'm thankful for the knowing that I will come out the other side of "my thing", and for all the sweet things, that I see on my fav online places,that make me smile just when I need it. 🙂 Be happy soon Cathie. x

  • I'm definitely thankful for friends and family and chocolate (and even my pets even though they're really annoying), and this week I'm very thankful that I'm at home and sleeping in my own bed!

  • I'm thankful for LIFE and the people I have met along the way that have helped me become the happy & content person I am today. This includes my amazing husband, who would truly do anything for me and our little delights. For this, I lead an enriching life full of love and support. It's all that matters.

  • There are so many things to be thankful for Cathie. I think the trick is to stop and realize it more often.

    I am thankful when my 19 yr old son remembers to say 'thanks mom' or 'I love you'. And I am thankful when I remember to say the same things to my husband. So often we forget to say these simple things to those we love the most!

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend Cathie!
    xo Catherine

  • Yes Cathie, I too find sometimes life is a little hard and in that particular moments I try and remind myself that I am so thanksful for being healthy and having healthy children…I think it is such a wonderful gift, after that everything becomes possible.sending you a big virtual hug lovely lady X

  • You have said some beautiful and heartfelt words and your photos have such an air of serenity about them.
    I am thankful that I live a life where I have such a loving family around me, that I have the chance to be creative as leisure, that I can read and write and that I can use technology that allows me to connect with other like-minded people around the country and world.

  • Hi Hon, it was good to see you at the market, you were busy as always and the market was a ripper.
    Wish I'd been able to have a stall there as well

  • I love how genuine you are. And I love all your photos – these are especially gorgeous!!
    I am so thankful for a new friend who has become closer than family in such a short time. She is always there to cry with my and just be there for me. It's so wonderful when you have someone in your like who truly "get's it".
    Blessings to you!

  • Oh what a sweet gesture…I am always filled with gratitude for the blessings I receive each day…remembering to say thanks makes it that much more sweeter.
    Hugs for a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  • Anonymous

    Meeting someone at RMIT photography 11 yrs ago and still knowing her, 11 yrs on. Big kiss, mb xxxxxxx

  • Like your tulips, like your cases, really really like your words today, sweet Cathie.
    Hugs hugs and more hugs for a lovely happy sunny and funny Sunday. xxx

  • That's very sweet of you but don't pick me. I just wanted to comment and say your post really resonated with me. True and genuine friends are precious and rare. I'd be lost without mine. I'm grateful every day to have friends that I know would do anything for me and my family as I would do for them. Here's timing…my eldest just came in the room and said "your my best friend mum"…it really doesn't get much better than that.

  • Jen

    I am so very thankful for my health, my kind mother, for music…for life never giving up on me even though so many times I wanna give up on life!

  • That last photo is divine! I am thankful for all the bloggers who share the love & the community it provides. I am thankful for you Cathie as you share your recipes, your beautiful photos & your kindness XO

  • Kat

    your photos are always so stunning! I am thankful for my family. They are so lovely and caring and love me for me. I am very very lucky to have the family that I have. Even if they are a little crazy 😛

  • Hi Cathie, I hope you're feeling brighter soon. You certainly seem to be loved by your friends, which helps so much. I've been meaning to ask you if you'd be interested in another suitcase? I have an old one (from Scotland) that I got off e-bay but it now sits under my house unused. If you'd be interested I could send you a pic. x

  • I'm thankful for "meeting" people through blogging – like you – who bring beauty and inspiration into our lives, and who are generous and positive in their comments… thank you! xo

  • what a gorgeous post Cathie and so true too.
    I'm thankful for knowing you and all your specialness. I'm thankful for my loving parents, for having a passion, for the roof over my head and for my lovely bloggy friends xo

  • Great question to ask… I havent taken the time in long while to think about that.
    I am grateful that our family is privelaged enough to be able to make choices about basic needs such as healthy food, clean water and a safe home. Things we often take for granted, today I am thankful for that and your question which made me think about it!

  • TK

    I am SO thankful that my Maxie had the courage to go & talk with his step-sister yesterday….she welcomed him & showed him her new little brother, though it broke my heart at one level (life is hard in this area as we have no contact which is not of our choosing) it was great to see the kids connect for a moment…

  • TK

    ps – I have just had another "tough patch" & its always good to know you are not alone – thankyou for this beautiful post….very special words & thoughts, I send you sweet blessings this week….

  • thankful, like you, for the little lights shining through this virtual, unexpectedly warm world of a.o. blogging. such a lovely surprise you've thought up. 🙂

  • I am thankful for supportive friends, especially when I have lost any sort of support from my parents this year. Its been tough having a mother who doesn't treat me like a daughter, but like an enemy.

    Joining the blogging community has soooo helped my self esteem, and my belief in myself. So thank you for all the positive words and love.

  • awwww that is a nice post! When something gets you down there are definitely sweet words to be said from lovely friends and readers which make my day!

    this week I've been thankful to my lovely hubby who surprised me with a bottle of chanel allure and some russian doll measuring cups…just because!!!!!!!! Totally unexpected and very nice!


  • HI Cathie,
    I think I am having a few weeks like you xxx.
    As I clicked on your blog I remembered 'the cupcakes'- your vanilla ones- are in the stove. I am using wood oven at the moment so it's a bit slower and I tend to get distracted- anyway, I raced inside (computer/ sewing space separate from house) and guess what? I am thankful that Cam had already taken them out of the oven so my kids still have play lunch this week. Of course I had one- I made them with GF flour and I used vanilla paste for the first time. Yummo. Thanks for another great recipe. Hope your weeks are easier now x

  • Cathie thank you for your sweet words, your delicious recipes, your beautifully creative photos and for being you… I am grateful for my life, for the special moments I have been given to enjoy. I hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs to you. xo

  • So glad to hear you have good friends who can be right there to give you a great big hug when you need it. Sorry to hear you're having a hard time though. I'm also grateful for wonderful friends, don't know what I'd do without them sometimes. Hope you're feeling better soon. xxx. Kim

  • Beautiful Girl! Who could resist giving you a hug. I am thankful for my babies who are sleeping peacefully. I am thankful for Mr Button's good health and that of his donor. I am thankful for the sleep in I had today. I am thankful for tomorrow because who knows what is ahead of us. Today I just feel lucky, lucky, lucky, well, really I feel blessed.

  • awww that is so sweet. Life is wonderful if we have a nice friends that we know we can always lean on. I like your post and your blog too.

  • The tulips are gorgeous.Thinking about what Im thankful for would take some time.I have been truly blessed with great friends and my girls and family.Since my husband died 8 years ago I couldnt of asked for more special people around me.I can actually say Im doing better than ever before.Of course God is always in my life,without him I couldnt be strong.IM cancer free also for 7 years now from Thyroid cancer so Im truly blessed.

    Happy new week ahead cathie,Im going to jot down your bananna cake recipe.God Bless!

  • That's such a lovely post. I must say I am always quite overwhelmed by the warm & generous comments people leave on my posts, I feel really lucky to have such sweet people in my life, both virtual & in real life. Your pictures are gorgeous by the way…

  • I am thankful for the simple things that sometimes I do take forgranted. My husband and my beautiful children. My health. I am thankful that I can put good food in front of my children each day and they have a comfortable home to grow up in. Each night when I peek in on them before I go to bed, I am thankful that I got them through another day happy and they can sleep and dream well for the night.
    I wish you all things good.

  • I love your tulips, they are my favourite also. I am thankful for my family and how close we all are. Also, my husband. He may drive me crazy sometimes, but I have no idea where I would be without him.

  • what sweet words and tulips are my favourite – what lovely pictures! I am grateful ad thankful for so much – like being a mummy to two beautiful children with a husband who I adore! I love that we have decided that I will stay home with them and nurture and look after them whilst they are little….I am thankful for health, happiness and opportunities to learn new things and share that with others around me like this wonderful blogging community I have found! 😉

  • I'm thankful that dave came my way and we decided to have the kids, cause if he didn't grab me off the street corner then lordy knows where I would be! 😉 xx

  • Oh Cathie such a gorgeous post full of sweetness and sentiment just like the baking you so skillfully do and the photo's you so cleverly take. Blogging snuggles into a warm and lovely spot in my heart.
    After years in hospitality, followed by the trials and tribulations of this complicated life, I'm peopled out. Now I adore the peace, the not having to physically listen to mundane whingers who don't realise how blessed they are.
    I refuse to get older than my current 39 with lots of late nights. My own beautiful girls bring me such joy and love and blogging keeps me in touch with a whole host of talented, gorgeous girls of whom I'd normally never have an opportunity to encounter.
    Sometimes a kind word is all it takes to make my day and to only have to sit here to receive that either by email or a blog comment adds to my feeling so very blessed.
    Yes Cathie I'm thankful – full stop!!!
    Fabulous post with beautiful styling as always Darling. XO

  • always such loveliness when i visit here.

    i am thankful for everyday i get to watch my family grow.

  • I'm thankful you have come into my life. …. Great friends are hard to find. It was great to be with you and F yesterday.

  • Beautiful post Cathie, I am thankful I live 70 klms from my mum as dad passed away on 9th July and it would be terrible if I wasn't there to support her! I hope what ever is making you need hugs gets better soon, I'm sending one your way too!

  • i don't know you but i'm glad to hear you have good friends around you. life's not always a bed of roses and some scars are more mainful than others… here's a big hug from france (if you don't mind)

  • I'm thankful to have known a brave, sweet, happy little 7year old boy (my nephew). He showed us that life is so precious and you really must make the most of it. Sadly, he passed away last year. So, I am thankful to Tommy for showing me how to be grateful…….