It’s no ordinary day

Happy Birthday to a lovely friend today, I hope you can pop round and say hello to her, she’s got her tiara on to celebrate ♥
Happy Friday friends, hope to see you at the market tomorrow
I need to get off the computer and start baking now….

  • Have a lovely time at market! I am just now feeling the excitement of our first market of the year that will be coming up. Of course I am not selling but, the sights and smells…the farmers I haven't seen since last Fall…the little kids dancing to the local music…ah!

  • Have a happy market day – hasn't it been perfect market weather?!

  • hope your saturday is sunny

  • Kat

    Have a great time at the markets. Those cupcakes look delicious!

  • Looking forward to seeing you there, Cathie. Oh – and many thanks for the lovely surprise in the mail this week!

  • Oh my goodness, my birthday is nearly over and I've only just come to visit.
    Hope you girls have a wonderful time at the market tomorrow. Wish I could be there!

  • Hi Cathie, thanks for stopping by. I've posted a looooog overdue update 🙂

  • Hope you find lots of food treasures at the market! Here's wishing you a lovely weekend. Bisous!

  • Hope the market goes well! Thankyou- i got my surprise in the mail – so lovely – and i would like to reciprocate. Can you send me your address?
    Thanks Cathie , x

  • I hope you had a wonderful result today ~ the Melbourne weather is just stunning xx

  • Happy Birthday to her! Yum!

  • Beautiful photo, Cathie. Lovely weekend plans x

  • Hope you baked many delicious cakes!!
    Enjoy the new week

  • TK

    Well by now the market would have well & truly been!!! Hope you had fab time & your weekend was special, TK xx (ps – my M back to school today & all went by without any tears/tantrums/late arrival etc…s that a great start!!)

  • Hmmmm, these look good – and almost too pretty to eat! Have a fun day baking!