• There is nothing worse than waking up with a headache – at least your silver lining involved chocolate! Lovely photo, too!

  • Vic

    Mmmmm hot choccie! I think the rain is done with us down here for the moment, it's mighty windy out there now though!

  • If you have to have a headache a rainy day is a nice backdrop for it. I’m glad you had a beautiful cup of hot chocolate as medicine. It has been another stinker up here and the long hot day has given me a headache. Just a little one though, nothing a glass of red wont fix!

  • Such a gorgeous pic! x

  • The hot chocolate looks like a perfect way to help cope with your sore head, cranky kids and lots of rain. Hope you're feeling better now Cathie. xxx

  • I love Melbourne although the weather does confuse me! x

  • Headache is BAD but cold and rainy when it's summer? Keep 'em coming person in charge!

  • I hope your head feels better when you wake up tomorrow lovely Cathie.XX

  • Is there anything that chocolate can't fix? Chele xx Hope it fixes you quick smart!

  • I hope your headache goes away. Sometimes I find rain a blessing – its natures way of telling you to stay inside, relax, don't rush, take a nap and just slow down. Have a wonderful rain day!

  • Yum, I have been craving some hot coco myself. And it is raining here as well. Might have to jump on that 🙂

  • I do hope your headache went away so you could completely enjoy your rainy day. My husband used to call me an earthworm because I enjoyed rainy days so much. lol!

  • sounds cosy! love to have hot choc on rainy days too. did u add in the marshmallows? ;D

  • Hope you're feeling better soon! I've been battling a cold all weekend, so I feel for you. That hot chocolate looks and sounds just right to me!

  • Cathie darling I hope you are feeling much better and that your nasty headache is gone. I love the teacup, the photo is lovely. Stay warm and enjoy your day.

    Love & Hugs

  • Sorry you didn't get to go on your playdate and that you had a nasty headache. Glad the hot chocolate helped a little bit though 🙂

  • Ash

    I love this photo!