It’s Tuesday and I can’t wait…..

…….to give my 6 month old nephew these gorgeously practical bibs that the beautiful Ms Nikki B.Cardigan sent to me as a gift. I mentioned to Nikki that my little nephew is a drooler….and in the mail pop these super cute bibs!
It may not mean much to those who have not experienced “the drool” but believe me it’s indeed a problem.
Thank you VERY much Nikki for your beautifully sweet gift!
I think the monkey may keep one though 🙂
Who else can’t wait for Tuesday?
✗ Cathie ♥

  • It was so so so my pleasure to make these for you. Although I still think I got the better deal, in that I devoured your lemon tarts & gingerbread men, and you got bibs!!! I guess that's the downside to having bloggy friends who can't cook! And thanks for the laugh… that photo is perfect!

  • They are very cute bibs.

    I am yet to blog today – have to get a pair of newborn pants sewn up and in the post – out themes are very similar today though!

  • Love the lion and zebra bib – very cute!!

  • That Nikki is one fine act. The same reliable source tells me your lemon tart is worth it's weight in gold!

  • Isn't she such a great friend!Mr Monkey won't argu!:)