• Very sweet!

  • Reminds me of pinching wooden spoons to make mud pies when I was little.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha…..Bless them.

    I just adore (especially in my late 20's…..I think the maternal clocks turns on) how the most simply things makes children happy and excited.

    Children learn from us but really it's fair to say that we can learn something from them too.

    Congratulations on your 100 post Cathie.


  • Same here! I always know to look in the sandpit for my potato masher, tongs and best saucepans!

  • I ran over mine with the LAWN MOWER the other day, seemed some elf in my house had stolen them for the super sand pit….. I should just go to a cheap shop and get a set just for the kids!…..yep thats and Idea!

  • Cute!

  • Cute pic Cathie, Happy tong shopping;)

  • It is worth losing a hundred tongs to see them being used like that!

  • I love this photo. Do you find bits of tupperware around the garden too? I occasionally need to order them out into the wilderness to gather up these items!

  • Adorable, tongs are among the favorite toys in our house as well. I have purchased a special little set just for Little Guy, he doesn’t use them, he wants mine – of course!