It’s Tuesday and I can’t wait…..

To show you my pressie that my ever so sweet partner gave to me.
It’s Maggie Beer’s Harvest which is a beautifully stitched and beautifully printed Cookbook and the recipes and photos are just stunning.
Maggie Beer is one of Australia’s Modern food icons and she always cooks from the heart. She is lovely to watch on The Cook & The Chef, she is extremely passionate about food and it’s origins and makes traditional Australian food which we at home can make.
Looking forward to trying out some recipes.
I wonder who else can’t wait for Tuesday.

  • Utterly beautiful – positively stroke-worth too! Enjoy x

  • What a beautiful gift! You have a very thoughtful partner, there!

  • I gave my sister this book for her birthday…I might have to pinch it for a while…you've inspired me to cook!! enjoy x

  • Looks fantastic! I love watching the cook & the chef – so does our 3.5year old!!

  • What a beautiful present Cathie. Such a perfect gift for you from someone who so obviously knows you well.

    Do you have to force yourself to stop admiring the cover and actually open the book?

  • What an absolutely beautiful book! Are the recipes inside as scrummy and yummy as the cover? Lucky you!

  • Such a beautiful gift from a very thoughtful partner – enjoy cooking from those lovely recipes.