It’s Tuesday and I can’t wait…………

random pic @ royal melbourne show

…to pull a winner out of the hat, but you’ll have to wait till tomorrow…sorry.
I cannot believe it, but I left my camera at a friend’s place yesterday and she spent the night without me! I can’t even understand how I could ever forget my 3rd child like that.

So, until she’s back I am pictureless and can’t possibly function without her.
does that happen to you with anything? or just me and my obsessiveness over my camera..

until then, check out here to see who else can’t wait for Tuesday.

  • oooooo thats not only you….my camera is my life!! I have become so attached to it, it will have to be surgically removed!!

  • Hi Cathie! We're all a bit gadget dependent these days – and I fought it for so long! My camera though is very forgiving of me, I'm afraid I don't look after it well enough. Thanks for your lovely comment about my aprons! The rain I think, is here to stay for the week, nevermind. We can always use the rain. Bye!

  • Oh no! A night without your camera? I know exactly what you're feeling…I've done that before. My brother asked to borrow my camera for the weekend…and while I love my family and everything…I don't think I would trust them to take away my camera, even for one night 🙂

  • Ohh I get it! My camera has been playing up in a big way lately and has to be sent back soon to claim the warranty but I'd rather have a dodgy camera than no camera. How is the camera on your phone?

  • Ha! yes I obsess about my 'third child' like that too! I feel lost with out it. Hope it comes home safely & you can get snap happy again!

  • Looking forward to hearing who the winner is.

  • heehee, I can imagine you would miss your camera greatly!Blogging has started making look at my camera with new eyes!xx

  • Oh dear, not the camera! My number one son pleaded and pleaded with me to climb aboard the skywheel in your random RMS pic – and me deathly afraid of heights. Eight heart-thumping rotations later, I'd actually started to enjoy the view. Shame we had to get off!

  • Oh Cathy. I gasped when I read you had forgotten your camera! You are not obsessive. I am sure it is normal!! Before blogging, I used to take lots of photos, but now, I take lots and lots of photos! I'm glad it was only 1 night that you had away.