It’s Tuesday and I can’t wait…..

……For the road works to finish in front of our driveway.
The road has needed repair since the burst water main incident and today they are finally finishing it.

It’s been a great day for my almost 2 year old, how many different kinds of trucks can he see in front of his house in one day.
Lucky boy!!

  • I bet he HAS had fun! Looking forward to seeing what you create after your patchwork class. Let me know where you go, I'm always up for quilting education!!

  • Given how exciting the rubbish truck is at our house, I can only imagine how fantastic all those different trucks are!

  • How funny, I've just done a post about how my girls are not in the slightest bit interested in the big machinery at our place at the moment. Also my girls made some of your bikkies at my sister's house yesterday and they were yum.