It’s Tuesday and I can’t wait……..

For Spring Open Day at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne this Sunday 4th of October 10am-6pm.
Lots of activities for the kiddies as well as grown ups, live music and a selection of market stalls.

We will be there, not sure if I will be behind the market stall all day or doing kids activities, may have to take it in turns with Mr m.e…so much fun.

Also checkout the gorgeous bloggy gift I was soo lucky to win from the fabulously talented The Princess & the Monkey ,pop on by for some gorgeous crafty goodness as well as an amazing collection of tutorials I could even follow.
They are craft as you go needle/embroidery holders but I actually think they would make my key ring a little bit happier with them on :). Thank you so much L ♥

Hope you are having a good day, it is ABSOLUTELY beautiful in Melbourne today.

Checkout here to see who else is playing along.

  • What a shame I will miss you on Sunday, we are heading to Phillip Island for the weekend! Have a great day x

  • Hope you have a great daybehind an d away from your stall ;)Lovely treasures you got too ;)x

  • Sounds like it'll be a great day!

  • Enjoy it darling, sounds like much fun. Lovely gift as well.

    Love & Hugs

  • Sounds like a beautiful day. I hope you get a day a lovely spring day like today. Thank you so much for your gorgeous prize I got in the post today. We were all so excited to open it and can't wait to play with them, the cookies were eaten immediately.

  • spring open day? sounds like it's gonna be fun! i'd pray for gooood weather 🙂

  • Sounds like a lovely day. Would love to come if we are around but might need to visit mum. Hope you have a fun day – sunshine would be nice!

  • Those are cute…and better yet, you won them!

  • They should definately find there way onto your key ring Cathie. They are very cute.

    And thanks for the info on the Spring Open Day.