Just a few things

The long weekend is over, Amelie is back at school, the boy is back at work and Aidan is going to kinder soon.

Amelie asked for a chocolate cake yesterday, this is much better than just a chocolate cake.

It’s a flourless chocolate and hazelnut cake, you can see the recipe here



I wonder what her friends at school will tell her about the tooth fairy.  
did you think a fiver was too much for a first tooth?  it’s her first and the note fit snugly into her new book


Do you love meeting new blogs, I do, I thought it would be nice to do an every so often mention on a few new ones that I am loving at the moment.

Blogs which take me to a different place and I just want to stay for a cup of tea.

Sarah does this a lot and I really enjoy it.

my blog loves this week are Jodi’s place and Andrea’s place, ohh how I wish I was their neighbour and we could sip tea and admire their surroundings.


If I haven’t been to your place could you leave a comment, I’d love to meet you.  
I am pretty normal and despite what you may see here, I do get recipes wrong, my sink is full of dishes and my pics aren’t always spot on. 

Looking forward to meeting you…I’ll bring the cake ♥

  • oooh I love Jodi's place too, but I get to be her neighbour. It is a glorious thing indeed. That cake looks amazing, moving to the street soon? 😉

    xo em

  • ahahah but seriously- how good would that be?

  • Thank you for sharing, I'm off to have a good look.
    And I would love to be your neighbor!

  • Looks like a yummy cake – I am a big fan of Andrea blog it;s such a beautiful place to visit just like yours xo

  • Such a lovely idea to share some new blogs –
    thanks Cathie!!xx

    ( i'm putting the flourless cake at the top of the list to make now!)

  • Gorgeous!! The Mr got work…whats he upto? Did he become an arborist?

  • oh Bless!! thanks for sharing your newby blog finds….I think I need more & more hours in the day as my blog list is getting out of control but I wouldn't have it any other way. Blogs rock & so do the friendships from them XO

  • Hey Cathie,

    I love the way that when I pressed the link to your cake recipe it automatically went to print – hmmm, me thinks it's a sign!

    The sunshine ranuncula is a delightful & bright spot in my day as was visiting your new Bloggy friends.

    Happy day!

    Felicity x

  • I've just put the kettle on…..:) thank you! I'm always on the lookout for chocolate cake recipes. Look yummy x

  • you're so funny (and lovely), is that how you always introduce yourself "I am pretty normal", thanks for giving me a smile and telling me about some of your new haunts!

  • Long weekends really arent long enough! But your cake looks divine.

  • Hi Cathie,

    sorry i haven't been over for a while but i have been having time away from the computer and blog world due to my hands. Your cake looks amazing i didn't know you could make a cake with out flour you learn something every day ;-)) Have a lovely week and no i don't think £5 is to much for a first tooth the first one is always special 😉 dee x

  • That's fab that Mr ME is off to work. Hope it's something he loves.
    I think paper money is ok for the first tooth. It's a pretty spcial one and worth much more. And this old friend would love to have you over for a cuppah too. x

  • Oh such a gorgeous post Cathie. You have been sweet enough to visit me and I do appreciate it :o) I love blogs too and finding a new one which makes me heart sing is a treat.
    Your cake looks delicious and such beautiful, vibrant colours in those flowers… I wonder if they're from your garden!?
    P.S. I think fiver would be the going rate these days for teeth… not bad though, compared to the $1 I used to receive ;o) xo

  • That cake looks divine Ms Cathie!
    I have no idea what the going tooth fairy rate is.

  • You have already managed to stumble your way over to my little corner of the web – so this comment isn't to introduce myself… rather, to let you know that I think I've gained a kilo or two since I started following your scrumptious blog… it gets my tooth sweet every time!! x claire

  • Great news about the boy being back at work ( though I'm sure you'll miss him) and I have never im my life known your pictures to be less than spot on.
    big love to you
    PS i wish you were my neighbour all the time xo

  • love the green skirt – is that dick bruna fabric for the little duckies?

  • Hugs sweet friend…I love the tooth fairy!!!

    Off to visit some of these blogs…thanks for sharing. xoxoxo

  • that cake looks scrumptious-
    Glad you are enjoying the outdoors-

  • Kat

    That cake looks delicious! And thanks for sharing the new blogs. I love finding new ones to add to my reader.

  • oh my, that cake looks divine!
    and i refuse to believe this nonsense about dirty dishes and cake flops, your pictures always look so perfect 😉

  • I totally want to try this cake..And the flowers are just a huge bright smile in the day 🙂

  • Thanks for such a nice sharing post Cathie, this cake will be my perfect treat and thank you for sharing those lovely blogs! Now I need to find that extra hours lol
    Sandrine xx

  • Oh cathie bless your kitchen mits that your blog is so beautiful! I always love coming for a visit here – it's such a heart warming place. now, just my two cents but here goes
    1. a fiver is not too much, although was that a one off? perhaps the tooth fairy needs to specify that might have been a first tooth special!
    2. love the look of that cake!
    3. gorgeous pics, as always, please! i would love some photography tips for us mere amateurs!!
    4. And thankyou for new blog love – i just love finding happy places to immerse myself in!

  • Oh my that cakes looks delicious! And I owuldn't worry about the fiver. When Oscar lost his first tooth he ended up with $50!!! Daddy suggested he could buy a particular lego set with the tooth fairy money he did get but then of course it wasn't enough money so we had to chip in a lot more!

  • I do love your blog, and appreciate that your dishes stack up, goodness knows mine did last week after our dishwasher died. Thank goodness I have a new one!

  • Sam

    Hi Cathie, I jumped over to your blog from Billy Angel, and I think I'm hooked! I love finding new blogs to explore, it's a lovely way to enjoy a cuppa and escape from housework! Beats watching tv too. I recently started my own blog, if you are interested it's wwwathomewithsam.blogspot.com 🙂