Just a few things

The long weekend is over, Amelie is back at school, the boy is back at work and Aidan is going to kinder soon.

Amelie asked for a chocolate cake yesterday, this is much better than just a chocolate cake.

It’s a flourless chocolate and hazelnut cake, you can see the recipe here



I wonder what her friends at school will tell her about the tooth fairy.  
did you think a fiver was too much for a first tooth?  it’s her first and the note fit snugly into her new book


Do you love meeting new blogs, I do, I thought it would be nice to do an every so often mention on a few new ones that I am loving at the moment.

Blogs which take me to a different place and I just want to stay for a cup of tea.

Sarah does this a lot and I really enjoy it.

my blog loves this week are Jodi’s place and Andrea’s place, ohh how I wish I was their neighbour and we could sip tea and admire their surroundings.


If I haven’t been to your place could you leave a comment, I’d love to meet you.  
I am pretty normal and despite what you may see here, I do get recipes wrong, my sink is full of dishes and my pics aren’t always spot on. 

Looking forward to meeting you…I’ll bring the cake ♥