Just a few things

July, Friday, end of school term
holidays, sleeping in, spending time with  my little school girl every day and all day

end of school discos, parent teacher interviews, magic 200-word certificates


playing with food colour pens, hiding them in my lovely new surprise pencil case (you are awesome Cat!)

beautiful winters days, walking to school and holding hands, walking to school and chatting away

baking cupcakes, decorating cupcakes, sending them off to school as an end of term treat 


hottie exhibitionFriday night celebrations and yay for the weekend with the boy home


How’s your day been?  

Hope it gets even better lovely friends! (BIG hi to new friends joining along)

Happy July ♥

  • happy school holidays Cathie, hooray xx

  • Love those food colour pens!

    Our boy flys home late tonight!
    Hope you guys have a bril weekend Cathie.XXX

  • w o w! they are very cool cakes! what fun!!

  • These are so so cute! What a great idea. You do come up with great ideas. Have a lovely weekend Cathie x

  • Thanks. Because now I'm breathing a little calmly again. Before I was having an OMG IT'S THE HOLIDAYS FREAKOUT!

  • Those cupcakes give me a little warm and aglow moment! Yay for school holidays too – definately time to slow down and sleep in. Enjoy 🙂

  • I love those food colouring pens too much!
    I need some. Where are they from?
    Hope tonight is wonderful.
    Happy holidays. x

  • Mum god how cute are those cupcakes!! And food colouring pens sound super exciting.
    I have some pretty excited news. I inherited my grandma's old Kenwood!
    YEP I have a real old school 50 yr old mixer – that works.
    It's beautiful. i've been playing with it all afternoon- instead of packing.enjoy the time with your gorgeous girl

  • Tas

    Enjoy the holidays. What exquisitely decorated cupcakes! I too covet those pens!

  • I think they are the most adorable cupcakes that I have ever seen! Amelie is quite the artist – how special. I'm with kate – where can i get some of those pens? Enjoy the holidays and extra time with your big girl.

  • Only one week till school holidays here too. I am so looking forward to them as well and soaking up this time with my kids. Hope you have a wonderful time xxx

  • Amazing cake decorating – I have never seen such a wonder!

    I too am so, so, so, so, so thankful it is school holidays!

    I must apologise for my awfully horrible disaster of not posting something to you – I am hopeless sometimes – so sorry.

    Love Rach xx

  • The cupcakes are adorable – gotta love the edible markers 🙂

  • These cupcakes are truly beautiful ! LOVE them !
    Happy school holidays xxx

  • What a lovely mixture of goodness Cathie. All sounds perfect!
    Those cupcakes are fantastic, what a clever idea :o)
    Hope you enjoy your weekend and the holidays with your little girl xo

  • wow, very artful cupcakes!!

  • TK

    yeah we have made it….My M embarks on 3 weeks holidays, which I think he is in need of, so am looking forward to pj days, slow mornings, time to spend….together, did you get your edible ink pens from that UK co or are they avaialbe ehre in Australia?? They look fab and I have an idea for M's birthday later this year where they will work a trick….have a fantastic weekend dear Cathie, TK xx

  • Those cupcakes are magic!!

    Enjoy your holidays 🙂


  • Food colour pens, how brilliant! My girls would go mad over that, I'll have to look into getting some!

  • I need to come and visit and play with those food colouring in pens. They are super duper cool!

  • Beautiful cupcakes. I've had a lovely start to the holidays – a whole day at the sewing machine! Have a lovely, restful and playful holiday time!

  • what cute cupcakes! i love them. you are such a good mommy. : )

  • wow these are amazing!!!

  • They almost look too good to eat!!
    Hope your school holidays are wonderful!

  • just a " few" things? You mean, a lot of pretty things! Sounds like you've got lots of fun activities up your sleeve for school holidays!! xx

  • Food colour pens! Cool.. I wonder if you can get them in Australia..
    I'm an art teacher by day, so I'm thinking this would be a great end of term activity or something along those lines…

  • i like that you like school holidays. thinks sound sweet in your world. as they should be, sweet girl. xo

  • too precious for words…i absolutely adore!!!!

  • oh how cute Cathie – those cup cakes are just divine with the artwork of a wee little one! Sounds like you are excited about the holidays and relishing some down time with the kids as much as me. I know i keep missing NBC but i hope to catch up with you soon. Enjoy your week lovely girl xx

  • ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY !!!!Have fun with the kids…Love u sooooooooooooo much!

  • They are so delightful, what a great idea! Hope the holidays are fun and even a little relaxing, so far…x

  • Those food colour pens – fantastic! Your kitchen/house must smell good permanently! Glad to hear you are having a great holiday with your children. Enjoy, lovely lady x

  • I love the pens too, where did you/can I get some?
    I am so happy the zip pouch I made for you is keeping them safe and together!
    Cuggles, Cat xox

  • Yay for school holidays so far so good, I have enjoying my time at home with them.

    All three of mine have three weeks off, I might be singing a different turn by the end xo

  • these pens are adorable.
    hello, my dear friend.

  • They look fabulous – there's those clever food colouring pens at it again!

    Happy holidays to you! x

  • Those pens looks great – what a fab idea. Hope that you are enjoying your school holidays – no sleep in's here – but am enjoying spending time with my two