Just making & baking

It’s been hot in Melbourne, definitely ice-cream kind of weather.  


I’d been thinking alot about ice-cream and dreaming about an ice-cream related craft after chatting to a lovely friend so once again with a team collaboration I now have my own personalised bag designed by Amelie and sewn by me.



Now I am totally NOT a pattern kind of girl, they confuse me, no matter how easy they seem. How are you with patterns?
So with guidance from an excellent book I made myself a bag.


and you know what, I am really proud and can’t wait to show my mum!



and whilst the sewing machine was out I also made a brooch for a sweet friend, I hope she likes it


and you know I baked aswell, I have actually been baking quite a bit lately and also have a bit to bake over the next couple of days. 
aeroplane cupcakes
 red wagon cupcakes
If you are on facebook, I’d love you to pop round here, my little assistant adds all my pics there.



So whilst we’re busy creating round at ours what have you been creating?  
We’d love to see.

Happy end of week friends ♥

  • Cathie I was just thinking about you and your embroidery the other day…I have a few plans to do some embroidery gifts for Xmas this year 🙂
    Loving your creative projects, both the bag and brooch are lovely and one can never go past a cupcake 🙂


  • Those cupcakes look delicious.
    Your sewing creations are beautiful. x

  • Beautiful and inspiring as always Cathie x

  • Nice bag!
    Definitely ice-cream weather; I wipped up a batch of lemon this week and its soooo yum!

  • Wow – so busy at your place!!
    The bag is brilliant Cathie! I don't like patterns either…xx

  • Hi Cathie! It's been a while since I've made it over here to M.E…. I've been away from the blogging life, but I'm back now and it's great to see some of your gorgeous creations again!

    Wow – I'm amazed that you whipped that bag up WITHOUT a pattern! I absolutely need a pattern to do pretty much anything, except maybe a pillowcase dress or a little girl's skirt, so I'm very impressed. Love Amelie's design too.

    I wish we could share a bit of your hot weather. Still very spring (ie changeable!) here.

  • ooh that liberty lining, stunning!

    I'm so bad with patterns too, they confuse me no end.

    xo em

  • I also love the lining of your bag, goes so well with the cute exterior!
    Its been so hot in Brisbane this week I actually bought a tub of ice-cream myself for the freezer – I hardly ever do that but it was on special 😛

  • LOVE your bag, it is fab! Love your cupcakes, they look amazing. Love your assistant, he is gorgeous! Have a lovely day, lovely Cathie. Cat xox

  • I love your bag – you should be very proud of it!

  • You always produce the most beautiful things Cathie :o)
    The bag is gorgeous! The cupcakes look delicious too… LOVE that cupcake amongst the daisies in the grass, such a pretty pic. I have no doubt your lucky friend will treasure that brooch, it's lovely xo

  • Such lovely pics!

  • Oh that stitching is sublime. Lovely simple drawing, beautiful fresh colours. So so good. Great bag too… and those cupcakes… as usually totally out of this world awesome. Cathy you're on fire!

  • Hello Cathie, I love your bag and everything else actually 🙂 I got myself Nicole book during last craft expo…need to try some of her projects! xx

  • Sam

    Oh that bag is gorgeous, especially the embroidery and lining. Those cakes look delicious too, I just may have to pull out my muffin tray this weekend. And I'm sure that brooch will be absolutely cherished, what a lucky friend 🙂

  • I love the cupcake amongst the daisies… beautiful. gxo

  • aahh Cathie, your bag and brooch are gorgeous well done you ;-)) And those cupcakes look so lovely, the first one looks to have a red mixture is it beetroot? or are my eyes just playing tricks 😉 Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

  • You have been busy!
    Love the little assistant's taste in handbag decorations – very sweet.
    And the brooch is divine

  • So much lovelieness in one post – love all your creations here – and want a cuocake now! xx

  • All around fabulous post! Love the cupcakes, and the bag is adorable. Have a lovely weekend, and enjoy your ice cream! I can tell you, it's not ice cream weather here….we just had some snow.

  • So adorable, the bag & your inspirational advisor are fantastic, love Posie

  • that is really cute! and those cupcakes are yum!

  • Hi Cathy *waves* : )
    That is an amazing ice-cream Amelie has dreamt up. Little peeps are the best designers aren't they. : )
    ps. Is that a red velvet cupcake – so pretty! Where did you find red sprinkles?

  • Both your children as well as everything you do/make/create are beautiful, always.
    Your touch of love shines through, sweet Cathie xoxoxo

  • Wow! you are one busy girl. Well done. x

  • Just too special you are, what a beautiful bag just magic my friend. you have been busy so love visiting you to see what you have been up too. Hope you have a wonderful week.

    Always wendy

  • that bag and brooch are just SO lovely! Gorgeous lining & sweet, sweet picture, what a team effort..x

  • I am new to your blog and what a beautiful blog you have!! Thank you for letting me into your gorgeous world 🙂

  • O Cathie, how I love all your creations and bakings adn the pics you took of it all… Me, I've been baking a bit too, trying out different pumpkinrecipes, and creating with some crabapples I was so happy to receive. You can see it on my blog now. But I have so many things I want to make there always seems to be too little time for it all, don't you ever have that?