Just making & baking

It’s been hot in Melbourne, definitely ice-cream kind of weather.  


I’d been thinking alot about ice-cream and dreaming about an ice-cream related craft after chatting to a lovely friend so once again with a team collaboration I now have my own personalised bag designed by Amelie and sewn by me.



Now I am totally NOT a pattern kind of girl, they confuse me, no matter how easy they seem. How are you with patterns?
So with guidance from an excellent book I made myself a bag.


and you know what, I am really proud and can’t wait to show my mum!



and whilst the sewing machine was out I also made a brooch for a sweet friend, I hope she likes it


and you know I baked aswell, I have actually been baking quite a bit lately and also have a bit to bake over the next couple of days. 
aeroplane cupcakes
 red wagon cupcakes
If you are on facebook, I’d love you to pop round here, my little assistant adds all my pics there.



So whilst we’re busy creating round at ours what have you been creating?  
We’d love to see.

Happy end of week friends ♥