Just me

It’s just me, taken a few days ago but a self-portrait opportunity appeared today and I wanted to share me.
Nothing glamorous, no makeup, just me and my cake and what appears to be a deep look of concentration.
Want to peek at some actual lovely faces, pop by here and I hope that you will share you as well.

Have a great day ♥

  • So lovely to see you gorgeous! What a wonderful photograph!

  • You both look lovely!

  • Wow – what an action shot!
    I spy a heavy duty Kitchen Aid there too – lovely!!xx

  • I'm loving the action shots! That's a really sweet photo (^_^)

  • That's a lovely self portrait Cathie, and a rather impressive looking cake, if I don't say so myself. Thanks for stopping by my little blog space, I know it has sat sadly neglected for awhile. But I am between jobs at the moment, so I am looking foward to giving out a little blog lovin' 🙂 xx (hee hee, almost had a typo that said bog lovin', oops)

  • what a beautiful shot of a beautiful person xo

  • Your gorgeous! That cake looks so yummy, please sent a piece this way 🙂

  • not "just" never "just" . it is you. x

  • Gorgeous photo of a gorgeous girl! X

  • I fail so hard at icing a whole cake. Actually, I fail so hard at icing, period. Gorgeous photo!

  • You are just beautiful!

  • A perfect picture of concentration. I would also like to say how magnificent that cake looks!

  • Everyday life….lovely.

  • Really lovely action shot….baking and decorating away :-))

  • are you in the pic too…..i only see cake (:
    Nah, I see yah baby, you tooo cute xx

  • I agree with Cath….not just..It's YOU ! Great photo and yum for the cake !

  • What a cute idea my friend!!!! Off to see what sweet faces the link offers.

    Hugs..you are beautiful!

  • Good to see real life shots too. The top of your cake is perfectly flat. do you cut it? (no need to answer) Cherrie

  • What a beautiful photo! So natural and real….and very pretty!! You sure do a mean iced cake. Hope you have a chance to gobble a piece or two today 🙂

  • That is a fabulous self portrait gorgeous Cathie.Have a beautiful day xx

  • lovely pickie of Just You – Just Fabulous!

  • Your sweetie pies look just like their mommy..Beautiful!!! And a lovely concentration expression, mine are not so pretty 😛

  • great photo, the colour makes it gorgeous

  • Gorgeousness!!!


  • Gorgeous shot Cathie. Totally you. xxx

  • Too gorgeous Cathy! You maybe need to work this image into your blog header, it's a keeper.
    Millie ^_^

  • what a beautiful shot one to keep and keep sharing for sure. Simple, natural and stunning. Dee x

  • Your beautiful face, along with a delicious cake. Its the perfect match!

  • You do look lovely! The master at work…and that cake, oh boy!! xx

  • Great self-portrait! You should be very happy, beautiful photo and yummy cake!

  • Kat

    That's a lovely photo! And it looks like a lovely cake too.

  • what a gorgeous, natural shot 🙂

  • just beautiful Cathie, lovely to see you! {and now I feel like cake}

  • I love your picture! And that cake! Looks amazing!!

  • it does seem perfect that your self portrait involves icing a beautiful cake… you and the cake are both lovely!

  • Fantastic and so lovely. Neat to use an action shot. 🙂

  • It's so nice to see an artist at work 🙂

  • What isn't glamorous about that shot my friend! I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet but let me tell you, those cupcakes were amazing and everyone was asking where I got them from! So long as it doesn't send you mad, I'm sure we'll be calling on your services again. Happy baking! You do it with so much love. Trace 🙂

  • What a wonderful photo – all chocolatey like that cake 🙂

  • It's not "JUST" me….you're talented, incredible and more!!

  • Yummy! What a great shot, full of atmosphere!

    Thanks for sharing


  • HMM, so someone else in your household is good at photos too, I see. I love this photo of you and your (amazing looking) cake

  • Quite concentratey, but then again you are working on THE most delicious looking cake.

  • A great shot. And like some others I feel like cake now!

  • Oh my goodness! Yummo!! Oh and you look pretty good too 😉 xox

  • It's a fantastic photo! I always love your photos but this one is great 🙂


  • Great photo… I love the movement of your arm versus the stillness and concentration of your mind. Wonderful beauty.

  • This is a beautiful photo and I just want to dive head first into that cake!

  • Very pretty you and the cake – glamorous indeed 😉

  • Absolutely love this shot!!!

  • Bec

    Love that shot Cathie! You are lovely xx
    By the way dont use your juicer for a green smoothie as you lose too much fibre put it all in a blender instead! Let me know how you go 🙂

  • sooooo beautiful! thanks for sharing yourself.

    your cake looks so delish!

  • Lovely shot 🙂 I really like it 🙂

  • Surely there cannot be a better way of showing a self portrait (and in turn winning many friends), than with such a huge delicious looking cake. In fact I may have to be your friend forever now 🙂

  • I just love this post; you are fantastic; and that cake; wow.

  • & there you are…no make-up & beautiful! I find I am wearing it less & less these days…& actually okay with it 🙂 I don't wear much to start with but you know….I could use a little help 🙂

    Fun to see you at work with your mad skills!!!

  • beautiful XO

  • It's great! So natural just the way they should be.

  • Vic

    Fantastic. You know, often times I see pictures of people whose blogs I read & I think "Wow – they're different to what I imagined", but not you my dear, even though this isn't the first picture I've seen of you, it sums you up perfectly, I love it.

  • beautiful photo! would be nice in a kitchen framed 🙂

  • Just how I pictured in my head!! PERFECT!! xx

  • Yep, beautiful. Love Posie

  • gorgeous picture….x

  • A fabulous portrait of an artist and her delicious looking work! Reading your blog, somehow always makes me hungry. x

  • Cat

    Been on hiatus Cathie. I was going to say I think you're beautiful and that i think we look a bit similar actually but that sounds like I'm saying I'm beautiful too I don't want to sound all boast-y. 🙂 So, you're beautiful! xxxx

  • Gorgeous shot! You have a definite look of concentration of your face 🙂

  • Fabulous photo – you're very photogenic!

  • hello gorgeous. a lovely shot of you.

  • What a fabulous picture! Should be framed!