Last week…

was so jam packed that this week I just want it to be as boring as possible.  
I know it’s not going to happen, but I can wish can’t I
last week was the last week of term and Easter happenings were all around



I baked some Easter gingerbread for the kids at school

I made an Easter bonnet for Amelie using a flower tutorial from here (I originally saw it on someone else’s blog but I cannot remember where, if it was yours please let me know)

I had an order for a 60th birthday cake which I absolutely loved making

gingerbread numbers and a chocolate layer cake


so this week, I intend on using the yummy homemade soap I received in the mail, thank you for the surprise sweet lady
this week I am going to bake some naan bread from my new cookbook from the loveliest of friends (you are awesome) which I am absolutely loving
and this week we are going to enjoy the first week of school holidays and I will be smiling as I am SO proud that my girl got through her first term of prep, exhausted but filled with inspiration and willingness to keep on learning (love you baby girl ♥)
What are you up to this week friends?
Whatever it is, I hope it’s filled with lots of giggles, hugs and love ♥

and if you want to laugh, pop by here as well

  • Oh Cathie you life seems anthing BUT boring – what a week, what stunning pictures you delight us with again!!! I'm totally enthralled by all of it. That bonnet is just adorable, now that i can see it in its entirety and I will pop over to that tutorial as soon as I'm done here!! Wishing you loads of relaxation, kisses from your kids and loveliness during the holidays!! xx

  • TK

    CAthie, love these photos…gorgeous snippets of life at m.e.'s place….filled with lots of good things…that 60th cake is just beautiful – elegant and restrained – classically lovely, TK xx

  • Very endearing bonnet and stylish cake. Hope you do get some some R and R.
    xo jill

  • WOW Beautiful creations filled week, I hope you can enjoy your little ones cuddles and giggles this upcoming weeks!It is holiday here too 🙂

  • Beautiful post, I am so happy it's school holidays too. Skye really needs the break from her first term of school. The bonnet is so wonderful, love the flowers you made.

  • what gorgeous photos! i love the things you created last week – what wonderful memories for you and the lives you've touched. amelie is so cute and i love her outfit! how did you make the bunnies that you put on top of the gingerbread cookies?

  • You are the best!!! The images are awesome!! I love them all!!! Your princess looks lovely!
    Have a great holiday with your sweeties, dear Cathie!!

  • Awww what a beautiful post. I love your 60th cake did you make the rose on the top of it to? That is just stunning. And i love your daughters hat its so pretty and girly. Such lovely carefree photo's. Enjoy your boring week ;-)) dee x

  • Oooh wooo, the bonnet…. it's awesome, Cathie. All your projects are awesome! You take the best pictures in such lovely settings. Gorgeous shots to end my Monday to. Enjoy your Tuesday morning cup, sweet friend, just a few more nights of sleep and your sweet pea will be at home for quite some days, enjoy your holiday together to the fullest! xxxxx

  • That 60 cake looks beautiful.
    I'm pretty proud of my boy getting through the first term without a hiccup as well. (Yesterday he explained to me why calcium is good for you!)
    I'm hoping for a boring week as well. Gorgeous photos Cathie.

  • Kat

    That bonnet is amazing! I remember when we had to do easter bonnets at school and we had a parents parade. My dad went in it and my sister and I decorated his motorbike helmet. It was hilarious! That cake looks stunning as well. Sounds like you have had a lovely albeit busy week.

  • How good does that bonnet look? I love it Cathie!

    AND i love the look of that book – isn't that J a sweetie? (we've just received a little package from her too!)XX Have a lovely break with your gorgeous two.XX

  • Vic

    What an amazing easter bonnet… Gosh it's beautiful you clever thing.

    Have a wonderful week Cathie! xx

  • That cake and flower is a.m.a.z.i.n.g!

    Happy holidays!

  • That is one AMAZING Easter bonnet….we have a task to complete one during the holidays…but I am sure it will not be as gorgeous as yours! & that cake…..WOW the flower is stunning. You are SO clever Cathie XO

  • Beautiful post. The Easter bonnet is awesome!

  • Sounds like you have some lovely things planned for this week. Gorgeous photos x

  • sounds wonderful cathie..

    i am having a mix of relaxing *or trying to* and fun outings with the kids… just booked a city weekend away at The Royce, for something different and spontaneous!!

    such lovely photos of your beautiful girl and your cooking creations are as brilliant as always!


  • So pretty your photos – love the sunflower one – and your cake is absolutely awesome! I'd like a boring week too! Just a lot of free time to ease around and see where the wind will take me! Have a fun time!

  • I so hope you are falling asleep with the sheer boredom of it all. Last week looked like a DOOZY (albeit punctuated with LOADS of lovely) but I couldn't think of anything better than a week of pottering and tea.

  • hi cathie, thank you for the links. i love that flower tute!! your cakes are so classy….my boy just finished his end of semester 2 prep. i think we are now going to homeschool. have a lovely relaxing week!! xo

  • your easter bonnet is amazing!!! you are such a tease with that almondy looking cake, i am so making it this weekend.
    Thank you for the card, you are too sweet for words xx

  • I LOVE this post. The hat the black outfit, the cake….geeeeezzzz louise you are one talented lady!! xxx

  • Wow, that really is one amazing week! Beautiful photos and such a gorgeous Easter bonnet! When I was little, the bonnet parade was my favourite part of Easter, even more so than the chocolate – and that's saying something!

  • That bonnet is amazing! And the bunny cookies….and the cake…..and the photos…..Oh it's all good! Hooray to Amelie too. Here's to an even better next term. But have a rest and enjoy your holidays first!! x

  • Such sweet images…and in more ways than one! All I can say is that you must be the favourite mom at school. I love your gingerbread bunny cookies! It's so cool seeing your autumn leaves as we have blossoms popping out.

  • i hope your week is going boringly well xx