Last week…

was the first week of school holidays and it was good to be able to wake up without the alarm and the stress of routine

last week I finished off Amelie’s library bag using some beautiful fabric I won from this lovely lady and am SO happy that she loves it



last week we had a sweet little friend come for the day and we made and decorated cupcakes


and baked some gingerbread cookies, especially cats with m&m eyes


and last week we made some pirate cupcakes for a lovely friends sweet boys 5th birthday


belt made by Curlypops


so this week I promised Aidan I will start a library bag for him as well and also sign up here for a cushion cover swap.

If you are interested, pop round to Vic’s and sign up, everyone is welcome.


What are you up to this week?

Hope it’s filled with fabulousness ♥

  • O.M.G….Amelie's library bag is g o r g e o u s
    I have been wanting to embroider some of my children's art for years, you have given me the inspiration to make a start.

    Have a wonderful week…I plan on catching up with friends, a bit of baking and some creating 🙂

  • That library bag is just the BEST!! Job well done I say….gold star mum this week.

    My plans, to finish Jane Austens "Emma", to rest the kids and to slow the pace. xx

  • Ciao, lovely blog, I am here for the first time :-). Will follow you.

    I can understand about the school holidays, I live in NZ and we started too, I think that we all needed a break!!

    love the pirate cupcakes!


  • Isn't it lovely not to have to get up and rush about! That library bag is great, it's no wonder she loves it. Sounds like your holidays have been off to a good start, enjoy the rest! XX

  • Was that stitchery taken from a drawing of Amelie's? So cute. You know, I get cupcake cravings every time I visit your site. Yum. Have a fabulous week. x

  • what cute cute cute cute little bags!!

  • That library bag is beautiful Cathie!
    We've got different friends coming over each day for the rest of the week – making up for last week!xx

  • That bag really did turn out super sweet, and those cupcakes are just awesome!!!! Can't wait to see the next bag 🙂

  • That is the sweetest library bag , the stitchery is just gorgeous! My one gets sent to school with a plastic shopping bag for library day – how slack is that?!

    Im joining in the swap – it will be fun! x

  • We are just starting school holidays here. I am hoping we can soak up some similar goodness as well. And I wish I was talented like you and could sew more than just a button on a shirt. That bag is very special.

  • Did you embroider Amelie's bag? Its so gorgeous!
    Wish I had time for the swap but snowed under for the next month!

  • Such sweet photo's love Ameila's bag such a cute little girl on the front. We are off to the beach tomorrow for the day the first time this year and i am really looking forward to it, my friend and i have said if we are brave enough we will go for a swim in the freezing cold English sea ;-)) hmmmm i may regret that ;-)) have a lovely week Cathie, dee x

  • I love the bag too and the embroidery is superb

  • The embroidery on the library bag is superb – absolutely love it! Have a great week too!

  • I think I need to do an embroidery like that for my little Busy. So much I want to do at the moment- I need a month of Sundays!

  • Loooove the embroidery on that bag!!! Well done!!

    And I can tell you, your little visitor had a LOVELY day. I only hpe that you did too…?

  • I love her library bag too, Cathie! What a gem. The embroidery just makes it extra special. x

  • I love the library bag, Cathie – gorgeous…I made cupcakes last week and now we have a tiny kitchen, it takes every ounce of effort to bake anything!
    This week, I just hope our family gets over the lurgy that has a hold on all of us!
    Hope you are well, Cathie xx

  • Amelie's bag is super cute! Gorgeous shots as always, sweet Cathie. I hope my Easter note will find your doorstep in time. Wishing you a bright, happy and joyful Easter my friend. Much love always xxxxx

  • What a lovely week of creations you had!I too really like Amelie's embroidered drawing such a beautiful and clever idea!
    Sandrine x

  • I love that library bag – Amelie is so lucky! (and a wonderful artist too)xo

  • Great library bag! Seems like you've been busy and very productive. I have your parcel assembled and ready to send – hopefully I'll get to the post box today!

  • Love the library bag, it's gorgeous and great fabrics too!
    I'm hoping to get my little man to do some artwork so I can embroider it xx

  • I love that bag! ooh, and the pirate cupcakes 🙂

    I do not love that I have yet to pop you a card in the post. I have loads of excuses but, it still makes my nose crinkle up all funny when I think about it. Soon though, I really will!

  • Such a sweet library bag. I can see why Amelie loves it. Those cupcakes are making me drool.

  • Lou

    Amelie's library bag is brilliant. She drew a great picture and love the colours you have used in the embroidery. Gorgeous!
    Beautiful cupcakes as usual! Lou.

  • you are beautiful! I wish I could sew a library bag for my little people. I think I should make some cupcakes for them. Thank you for reminding me that those little handheld cakes are pure bliss for little people, and big people!


  • I love your photos – you are very creative.
    I am your new follower 🙂

  • Thanks so much for the link to the japanese teapots – I just bought one! The hardest part was choosing the colour, I got a light blue.

  • What a special library bag, gorgeous!

  • Oh finally having a look at what you did with the fabric i sent you, love it, gorgeous as always, love love everything here, love Posie

  • Happy Easter, dear Cathie!!!! Much JOY and chocolate to you all!!!
    Love, Bela.

  • Oh Cathie the bag is diiiiiiiviiiiine! I love it – well done! I'm sure Amelie loves it too! hey, is it craft night tonight?? are you going? might bring a friend too if thats ok? hope you;ve had a wonderful Easter break xx