Lately I have had a slight obsession with bunting and dreaming about different ways to use it, then I stumbled upon paper garlands and now I think I may have a new one.

I read this and laughed because I was in the process of getting my new obsession started.
I think most of us have a certain something we become obsessed with, what’s your thing?

Happy Friday friends

  • I made heart ones out of cardboard a while back and I still love them:
    yours are lovely. x

  • At the moment, lino cut printing. Haven't done it since HSC Art (many, many, many years ago haha) but I really love it! I paint and draw so its something dear to my heart. I have been carving out designs and I plan to print some in the next few weeks when time permits. I'm excited! Will post the results on my blog too so watch out for it!

  • parties! which gives such a scope for including things like bunting among many other things! i've changed my mind about the next craft night at lou's – i want to make paper garlands with you instead!

  • I made one of these last winter from various recycled papers (sorry it seems I'm not allowed to paste the link in this post) & old music sheets… they're so fun to make and yours is particularly pretty with very well-chosen colors !

  • They are delightful! I'm sooo making one.

  • What a cute project ~ very crafty!

    Sometimes I get into a really good book and become obsessed with reading it until the end. Oh my poor boys have had to eat many a burnt supper… 🙂

    Have a Happy weekend Cathie!
    xo Catherine

  • Well I completely understand the bunting obsession!
    Mmmmm..lately though it would have to be making scented linen fresheners for gifts…I get to used up snippets of fabric, and they smell divine!

  • hi, this has been something ive been working on too!! do you cut out all the circles? do you have a circle cutter or something? like someone else mentioned, ive used nana's old songbooks before to cut out and make pretty angel hangings with.

  • Love this circle bunting…now you are getting me started.
    Good news my friend…you have won my giveaway!!!…please email me your address. Hugs for a great weekend. xoxoxoox

  • I love all things bunting and garland! They're just so happy!

  • Those look lovely : )

  • Beautiful…I have plans to do some bunting but can't tear myself away from the knit these days..

  • I love the ciricle bunting! Well I don't think I have to tell you mine. Have a wonderful weekend gorgeous girl. x

  • I'm definitely obsessed by fabric, and making bags!

  • oh yes! love this!
    but where can one get a decent circle cutter from?! help!

  • Thanks for stopping by and you lovely comment :)What a beautiful sunny day. The garland is gorgeous by the way. Have a great weekend! ♥

  • Hello Sweet Cathie..
    This is totally the way I live my life…I go crazy for this or that, eating, sleeping, breathing, the passion de jour…until some thing else tickles my fancy. I love your cheery bunting…so fun…smile on…Rosie

  • I know what you mean by bunting obsession….i just love it. i love buying the fabric and hanging the bunting in fun places around the house depending on the mood/theme of what we are up to…

  • The bunting is darn cute, my friend. You capture your works gorgeously always!
    Have a creative fun-filled weekend, Cathie. xxx

  • Found your blog via Bluebird Notes, and I´m so happy I found you, what a beautiful inspiring blog you have!
    Congratulations on winning the giveaway!

  • Hello Cathie!
    Can't wait to catch up on all the good stuff you have going on here! I adore those circle buntings, I have them stretched all across my yard, I found them on free Pretty Things For You, and Libbie and I made some up for Annie's birthday. Then I had another party, up they go in my front yard, and I am hosting a wedding reception, so I am in the process of making more, I can't seem to get enough of that bunting!

    Love how yours turned out with the different patterns and colors. You are the BEST!!!

  • i think these are the coolest. : )

  • This is so sweet Cathie. I'm loving all the bunting. I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. xo

  • My camera. For sure. And I think that's going to be my obsession for a long, long time.

  • I love your paper bunting. I think I need to rush out and buy a punch now!

  • Love your paper garlands! I am a bit of a bunting obsessive at the moment too! C x

  • Bunting and paper garlands too!! And Felt garlands! In fact I'm already getting excited that xmas is getting closer and I can make more!